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Are You My Mother? | P.D. Eastman
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Happy Mother‘s Day to all my Littens celebrating today; and to those who find this day difficult, I am thinking of you & sending you love, peace, and tranquility today. 💜 #happymothersday #youareloved #youareseen #begentle

julieclair This is a wonderful reminder that there are all kinds of moms, and that this day can be a difficult one for many people. 2mo
MoonWitch94 @julieclair Yes! It‘s something I never thought about until I lost my Dad in 2013, and suddenly Father‘s Day became difficult. And now so many of my friends are step-moms, having fertility issues, or have lost babies, etc. It puts parenting/parents in perspective. 1mo
julieclair @MoonWitch94 As our life experiences expand, so does our understanding. The wisdom of years. Or at least that's the hope, right? Unfortunately, for some, their compassion narrows as the years go by... 1mo
MoonWitch94 @julieclair I like to think of it as a “privilege” of sorts to be able to have that expansion of understanding. Because, as you said, for some their compassion narrows as they progress through the years. It‘s sad, really. 1mo
julieclair @MoonWitch94 I love the idea of understanding as a privilege. Albeit a hard-earned one. 1mo
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Slowing down in reading this and other things because being overset by wildfires and high winds and crazy times...
#staysafe #youareloved #beprepared #mthood

SamAnne Ah, a skyline I know well. 2y
MargaretPinardAuthor @SamAnne yeah except it‘s looking scarily eerie right now!! You still in pdx area? Mt Hood is barely a shadow this morning. 🥺 2y
SamAnne @MargaretPinardAuthor live in Spokane now. Grew up on the OR coast, graduated from Reed and spent few more years living there. Such fond memories of Portland in the late 80s and early 90s! Such a great town then! 2y
SamAnne @MargaretPinardAuthor and still a cool city! But I cherish the time there before it got so big. 2y
MargaretPinardAuthor @SamAnne ah, Reed! Yeah, nostalgia seems to be the dominant mode even for Portlanders still here/ just arrived 😂 2y
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Holding Up the Universe | Jennifer Niven
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Finding comfort in some pu-erh tea and a good book ☕️ #photoadaynov16 #bookandbrew
A lot of us are struggling today, but let's try to spread positivity, love, and kindness, our country needs it more than we thought. 💜 #Imwithyou #youarewanted #youareloved

RealLifeReading Love your mug! 6y
queerbookreader Obsessed with your mug, I've seen that on Harry Potter Shop! Also I love that tea, might have to have some now 6y
UwannaPublishme Yes! 🤗💕 6y
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