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This came up in my FB "on this day" memories... and I had so much fun reading all the comments I got when I reposted this last year! Right now, I'm reading Searching for Sunday with a Chainsaw. ?? Anybody else want to play?! #withachainsaw

Chessa Only Ever Yours With A Chainsaw. 6y
Chessa But also: Jane Eyre With A Chainsaw. #wouldread 6y
BarbaraJean @Chessa 😂 Absolutely! I think I'd prefer Jane Eyre With a Chainsaw to 6y
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bookishkai And Then All Hell Broke Loose With A Chainsaw 6y
HeatherBookNerd Shakespeare in Hollywood with a Chainsaw. Mine sounds just about right 😉 6y
BarbaraJean @bookishkris @HeatherBookNerd Those are great! Shakespeare horror: new genre. 6y
JodyS Silent Prey with a Chainsaw 6y
Josie The Children's Home with a Chainsaw 😁😁😁 6y
megt Haha! I'm reading a few right now, but the best for this is probably Anne of Green Gables with a Chainsaw 😂 6y
Eyelit Asking for it with a chainsaw 😳😂 6y
DebinHawaii I can't decide between the book I just finished last night 'The Perfect Girl with a Chainsaw' or the one I started today 'Beulah's House of Prayer with a Chainsaw!' 6y
BarbaraJean These are all so great!! @megt @Eyelit, yours may be my favorites, but @DebinHawaii , Beulah's House of Prayer is also right up there!! 6y
Marchpane Dark Emu with a Chainsaw 😮 6y
Chessa @Eyelit OMG! 😂😂😂 6y
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