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Life of Elves | Muriel Barbery
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The basic story is simple - two growing girls will combine their supernatural powers in the war (an evil Elf wants to conquer the world of human beings and elves). What makes the book interesting is its poetic language, and magical way of storytelling. It's like a fairy tale dream. We can read it as a classic clash between good and evil, but also as an ode to the beauty/power of women, nature and music.

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Simona It's not exactly a cliffhanger, but this is the first book which is just preparation for the ultimate battle (the second part supposed to be released this year). 3y
Laalaleighh Stacking 📚 I loved elegance of the hedgehog and im so glad to see acreview that makes me want to read this next one. 3y
Simona @Laalaleighh But don't expect Hedgehog because this is in fantasy genre and only common point is slow plot and beautiful language. 3y
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Laalaleighh @Simona I loooove fantasy. And elves. I'm so on board. 3y
DrexEdit @Simona slow plot and beautiful language of Hedgehog along with fantasy? I'm sold! 😊 👍 3y
vivastory I loved this book. Felt it was underrated, I was a bit surprised it wasn't on more best of the year list. 3y
Simona @Laalaleighh @DrexEdit This book have quite low ratings on GR and most of them are low because they expect something in the manner of Hedgehog. 3y
Simona @vivastory I don't love it, but I do like it because it is touching story with beautiful prose and I think so too - that is underrated! 3y
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