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Random Acts | Valerie Sherrard
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Harper wanted to say hello to @Emiller

Since there's no #trivialthursday post, here's a few answers to a bunch of random questions I just asked myself:

1. What movie would be improved if it was made into a musical? Showgirls

2. Is hot dog a sandwich? Yes

3. Toilet paper, over or under? Over

4. Favorite cheese? Gouda

5. Favorite comedian? Kristen Wiig

Emiller Harper is gorgeous 😻😻 Thank you for sharing 💜 4y
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Car, although after 20 years in southern Cal I‘m beginning to weary of driving

I like to go someplace I haven‘t been before. But I‘m fond of Yosemite. And I want to take the kids to San Antonio.

Not exactly. We are traveling for a family event, and several trips for ice dance competitions. My son and daughter are each going away to camp.

#trivialthursday a day late

Bourriquet76 San Antonio is one of my favorite places. 4y
AWahle I grew up in San Antonio. So much to do there and in the neighboring Hill Country! 4y
CSeydel @AWahle No kidding! I lived in Corsicana. San Antonio is a beautiful city - a beautiful area! 4y
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New Orleans Noir | Julie Smith
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1. I love the train, but car is so much more convenient.
2. New Orleans is amazing (and I love how many Littens agree)! I've really enjoyed San Fransisco and Denver, but my favorite is a piece of land we own just north of Dallas, PA on Forkston Mountain.
3. Planning on a short weekend excursion to Leesburg, VA at the end of August for a free concert and some breweries. Any Littens in the area?

#trivialthursday @GarthRanzz

The Travel Bug | Sheila Norton
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I know, it‘s Friday, but I still want to play #trivialthursday and I hope @GarthRanzz won‘t mind if I‘m a bit late.

1. Trains. It‘s a throwback to a different time even if they aren‘t so luxurious now.
2. Scotland. Always. It‘s my happy place.
3. Yes! Will be visiting Ontario in a few weeks for a Ragnar race. Peru in September and the. Greece in December. I recently celebrated a milestone birthday on a girls‘ holiday in Mexico. Bliss.

Trains Go | Steve Light
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1. Train, but I hardly ever get to take that mode anymore. I don't really enjoy any other mode except walking. 😊
2. My parents' house. 😁
3. Not really, but next January we're supposed to fly to Oregon for our friends' vow renewal. Not sure we can afford it though.
#trivialthursday @GarthRanzz

Thursday | Mary Lindeen
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Just got this in before midnight. 📚Train 📚This one was hard but I'm going with the place we went the most when the hubby and I lived in Italy...Cinque Terre. 📚Had to cancel my summer trip to Norway cuz I got a new job. Instead I'm going on a six island cruise in the Caribbean over the Christmas holiday. #TrivialThursday @GarthRanzz

kstadt929 We will be going to Cinque Terre during our honeymoon!!! 😁 4y
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Untitled | Unknown
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🚶 Foot. Feets. Shoes, really.
🌴 Lowcountry, Southwest and Disney!
💰 Nada.

#trivialthursday @GarthRanzz

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1. Definitely train when possible. The traffic is easier to handle than when I drive and is less terrifying than flying.

2. I don‘t think I‘ve been there yet. Need to travel more! Anywhere I can sit for long periods of time with a book & coffee or wine is perfect for me.

3. Yes! Celebrating New Years in London. 🇬🇧 Considering a summer weekend in Montreal. 😏

Sir Thursday | Garth Nix
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1. Car. I've only been on a plane a couple of times, for one trip, but it was mostly enjoyable.
2. To be honest, I have never really gone on vacations, so I don't have one.
3. Well, my husband is going with me to New Orleans for the ALA conference in June, and we're calling it a mini vacation.
#TrivialThursday @GarthRanzz

britt_brooke New Orleans is amazing! Hope you guys have fun! 4y
TK421 New Orleans is awesome! Such good food, and so many cool little book shops! Enjoy some cajun food for me.😊 4y
tonyahoswalt @britt_brooke @TK421 I'm from North Louisiana but I've only been to New Orleans once before, for another ALA conference. It is definitely an experience! 4y
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#trivialThursday @GarthRanzz
1. Train
2. Europe (Eastern Europe)
3. Hopefully