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Girl Made of Stars | Ashley Herring Blake
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#There‘s a stack of books #UnderneathTheStars and on my shelves. Here are 7 “starry” titles. The 3 on the left are unread on my Kindle & the 4 to the right I have read and enjoyed. The tagged book is a recent YA read & very good, as is “Where the Forest Meets the Stars.” 🌠⭐️✨💫🌟

Cinfhen Like all these celestial titles 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 3y
squirrelbrain I used Where the Forest Meets the Stars for this prompt - I really enjoyed it! 3y
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Slacker | Gordon Korman
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I sat down today to figure out where I am on my challenges. I'm so behind (except for my Goodreads goal). 😳 I know you can't read the list but I think I have most of my reading planned for the rest of the year. #oops #there isstilltime

Robothugs 😬 I believe in you! 5y
Bookzombie @Robothugs Aww, thank you! ☺️ 5y
batsy You can do it 💪I'm only doing the #LitsyAtoZ challenge and just had a minor freakout when I realised how behind I am 🙈 5y
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Lmstraubie You got this! The important thing is that you enjoy your reading time. ☺️ 5y
Bookzombie @batsy Thanks! 🙂 Next year I'm keeping it simple. Lol I believe in you and you will knock that challenge out! 5y
Bookzombie @Lmstraubie This is so true! Thank you! 🙂 5y
batsy Thank you @Bookzombie! We shall have faith in our combined bookish power 😀 5y
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