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Ink Exchange | Melissa Marr
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I thought I wouldn't like this but somehow the book got me loving this ugly world with desires & temptations. I loved chemistry between Leslie & Niall and I loved the writing that wasn't too dramatic.

This was quite heavy book to read! Leslie was living in dirty world and there were several unbelievable disturbing things.

I loved the ending, but I know it surely divides opinions.

Andrew65 Brilliant, well done🥳 3w
TheSpineView Wow, you are moving along! 🤩📚📚📚💙📖 3w
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BookHoarder32 ❤️ My favorite in this series is 3w
AllDebooks You're powering through these prompts 🙌 3w
PageShifter @BookHoarder32 Ooo, I love to hear how I might have something even better ahead 😎 3w
Clwojick Great job! 3w
Lauredhel Congrats, Forging on 3w
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Snakes and Earrings | Hitomi Kanehara, David James Karashima
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I don‘t know. This one wasn‘t really for me. Maybe I wasn‘t the right audience for it, or just in the right headspace, but I can‘t really find anything I liked out of it. However, there are some dark parts of this book that will stay with me.

Herbivory of Leaf-Cutting Ants: A Case Study on Atta colombica in the Tropical Rainforest of Panama | Bert Hlldobler, Rainer Wirth, Hubert Herz, Ronald J. Ryel, Wolfram Beyschlag
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Well, it‘s travel day. Heading back home. Didn‘t even open the book I brought with me as I was so busy. Maybe on the plane home, however I think much sleeping will be happening , since we started out traveling day 1:50am ! So proud of the team and what they accomplished. End my trip with a permanent souvenir of the adventure.

Yuki_Onna That is so precious and perfect in so many ways 🤩
#CostaRica #nature #naturelove #PuraVida #tattoos #leafcutterants #love
Chelsea.Poole Oh I love your ants!! 🐜 3mo
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Snakes and Earrings | Hitomi Kanehara, David James Karashima
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I‘m torn about this one. I really dig the characters‘ fight against tradition, swimming upstream, that fight for individuality/identity while being completely empty inside. I really liked that. But this just fell a little short for me, and I can‘t figure out why…I wonder if the movie version would be better. My #BookSpin for October! ☺️

TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! 3mo
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Title that begins with the letter W
Although Watchmen might not be my favorite Alan Moore novel, I find myself thinking about it often. War of the Worlds is my second fave Wells' novel, right behind Island of Dr. Moreau. Zamyatin's We is an incredibly influential & interesting dystopian novel. It deserves a wider audience, esp considering how popular 1984 (a great novel) is. A W title that is very close to my heart is the collection

vivastory of literary inspired tattoos The Word Made Flesh. I myself have 3 literary inspired tattoos & have toyed with the idea of another. This is a fantastic collection of thoughtful & impressive skin artwork & it was released around the time I received my most recent lit tattoo. PS: If you are interested, you can scroll down in the feed of the tagged book for a pic of one of my poetry related tattoos. (edited) 5mo
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Inked Armor | Helena Hunting
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#alphabetgame !! @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks
Letter I
Inked Armor by Helena Hunting. @helenahunting This book is book two. Book one is Clipped Wings and it‘s a wild ride. It‘s calling for a re-read so I can finally read book two which is currently in my TBR. I LOVE her writing style and the way she develops her characters.

Have you read it?

#letteri #littens #romance

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Beautiful cover 💜 6mo
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Inked | Yasmine Galenorn, Marjorie M. Liu, Karen Chance, Eileen Wilks
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Used bookstore find 🙂

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If you look closely enough you can see the Easter egg my tattoo artist threw in there. Hint: left side of the top book ⚡️#harrypotter #bookworm #tattoos

Sharv_Sona It‘s the deathly hallows! That‘s so cool! - a die hard Harry Potter fan 8mo
kecolem300 Thank you!!!! Also a die hard my self! Ravenclaw all day! 📖😉 8mo
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#weeklyreport #weeklyforecast
Listening to In the Blood-ch 46/69;read/finished Murder in Chianti;on ch.2 In Orwell‘s Roses;This life-plan to make up last 2weeks of assigned reading; 1ch left to read of How the Irish Saved Civilization;The Crypt Thief;50% more reading to finish. Goals are simple: read what I can, no pressure. #audiomystery #geneology #winecountry #Italianbistro #OrwellsRoses #deadphilosopherssociety #ThisLife #celtichistory #kindle

Cinfhen I like your goals!!! That‘s the way it should always be!! I hate seeing people feeling “pressured” by their reading. 9mo
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