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No book as such for #ayupaugust this time, as although I was not #downinthewoods, I did see this little guy after sending @squirrelbrain 's parcel! @Cinfhen

squirrelbrain How funny that you saw a squirrel 🐿 today! 😁 2d
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So excited! The last thing for @squirrelbrain 's birthday has arrived - Helen I'll be posting tomorrow so expect it Tuesday/Wednesday next week. Posting early as I'll be away when it's your actual birthday. 😊😊😊🐿🐿🐿😘😘😘

TrishB I too will be away so thank you for timely reminder 😁😁 3d
squirrelbrain Have you seen what happens to a squirrel‘s tail when it does a happy dance?! @jenniferw88 @TrishB You‘re both very sweet! 😘🐿 3d
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My Book House | Olive Beaupre Miller
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rretzler I immediately honed in on the tagged book. It is a series that came out long ago that has been updated through the years. It is 12 books that are supposed to grow with a child as each volume contains age appropriate stories! While growing up, my family had an edition from the 40s when my mother and aunt were growing up and I purchased a more recent set for my kids. What a great memory for me! Thanks for tagging it! 😄 3mo
Jilly6183 @rretzler I had no idea. It sounds like a really great series, I'll have to check it out! 3mo
rretzler It‘s a lot of classic old stories, so if you can‘t find them - they have been out of print for some time, I‘m sure you‘ve probably read many of the stories already. Mother Goose, Shakespeare, The Water Babies, Robert Louis Stevenson, Wordsworth, Hans Christian Andersen, The Adventures of Baron Münchhausen, The City Mouse and the Country Mouse, Edward Lear and many, many more stories, poems and fables like that. 3mo
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I want this book for the simple fact of that picture with the mustachioed squirrel. That is gold.

MayJasper 😂😂😂 they are clever! 3mo
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Resource of the day - this is a great way to engage the more active/outdoorsy types, in an English classroom. Gets them reading and also provides great discussion points around what makes a good infographic and how to write thorough instructions (the book does not always succeed at this) #resources #teacherlife #engagement

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I know that a lot of you lovely people read literary magazines. I really want to try some and I‘d really like to hear your favourites?!
Or any quirky cool magazines that you guys are into please?

SharonGoforth I love Lapham‘s Quarterly, World Literature Today, Tin House, Paris Review, Antioch Review, Kenyon Review, and Poetry Magazine. There are so many!! Barnes & Noble always has a good selection. 5mo
Weaponxgirl @SharonGoforth thankyou! Unfortunately Barnes and noble isn‘t really a thing where I am in the uk but I will see if I can find any of them here easily. This is exactly the sort of suggestions I want 5mo
SharonGoforth @Weaponxgirl Oh, I‘m sorry! I know you can get subscriptions, plus they also have online subscriptions, too. My favorite is Lapham‘s Quarterly. Each month has a theme, and they use essays, poetry, fragments from literature from ancient to modern to build on that theme. The artwork and layout is absolutely stunning. When I saw it, I had to subscribe! I know there are many more magazines that cover different genres. Good luck! 5mo
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Weaponxgirl @SharonGoforth don‘t apologise! We have a newsagents chain here called WHSmith and they often have a good selection of magazines in, including international ones so I‘m excited to go in with some idea of what I‘m actually looking for! There‘s so many now that having a idea of what others love will be a bit kinder on my budget 😉 5mo
Weaponxgirl @SharonGoforth we had a borders here briefly and I do miss having a bookshop with a huge magazine section inside it. 5mo
mreads I second Tin House and I also like Two Lines Press and Ploughshares. I got them as subscriptions but I am in the US so not sure about UK availability. 5mo
SharonGoforth @Weaponxgirl I miss Borders, too! 5mo
Weaponxgirl @mreads thanks, honestly the more titles the better. If I can‘t get them easily I‘ll just have to live vicariously through Litsy users 5mo
Weaponxgirl @SharonGoforth we now in the uk only really have @Waterstones as the only purely dedicated to books chains. But unfortunately they aren‘t paying staff a living wage. 5mo
SharonGoforth @Weaponxgirl That‘s truly unfortunate 😔 5mo
SharonGoforth @mreads I just checked out Two Line Press online, and it looks great! Thanks for the suggestion! 5mo
Emilymdxn The Times Literary Supplement just released a really awesome issue celebrating shared European literary heritage and connection which I‘m in love with reading atm 5mo
Graywacke I have phases where I check these out. It‘s been a while, but in last one I really enjoyed Granta, The Paris Review and Poetry. These are all American publications, not sure how available in the UK - although Poetry is almost entirely available for free online - https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poetrymagazine And they have a free podcast, recommended. 5mo
SW-T I look at Poets, and Poets & Writers occasionally but not sure if they‘re international. 5mo
Weaponxgirl @Emilymdxn I forgot about them! I stopped reading the times as they were part of the murdoch empire but I can probably find it for free somewhere. I‘ll try my library thanks! 5mo
Weaponxgirl @Graywacke thankyou! I know at least a couple of those are international 😊 5mo
Weaponxgirl @SW-T I‘ll have a look! 😁 5mo
Tonton Granta 5mo
Tonton And McSweeny‘s、 also Tin House、 Paris Review 5mo
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I considered walking outside, but opted for the gym when I realized how cold and blustery the wind was while filling up the “squirrel feeder” with sunflower seeds in an attempt to keep those fuzzy bandits off the other bird feeders. #litsywalkers

Kaye 👍🏼🌟 7mo
DarcysMom Good job! 😁 7mo
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I need home girl here to move so I can finish this article about nematodes from the Pleistocene epoch. #freelancing #newwriter

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Poor Keith.

😂🐿 (I know it‘s a chipmunk but I don‘t seem to have a squirrel emoji.)

From a friend‘s Facebook page.

britt_brooke 😆😆😆 13mo
Samplergal That‘s hysterical! 13mo
TheBookbabeblog84 I‘m dying lol 13mo
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TheBookbabeblog84 I have to share this with my book group lol 13mo
tpixie Lol!! 😊😆😝😂🤣🤪 13mo
Caroline2 That‘s brilliant!!! 😂 13mo
TheSpineView That is a good one!🤣 13mo
Izai.Amorim What is the assumption here, that skirels can't read or that they can't talk? 😂 13mo
tammysue Lol!! 🤣 13mo
Ddzmini Omg 🤣🤣🤣🐿🍔🍟🥤 13mo
Libby1 I‘m glad this made you laugh, @britt_brooke , @Samplergal , @TheBookbabeblog84 , @tpixie , @Caroline2 , @TheSpineView , @Izai.Amorim , @whatshesreadingnow , @Ddzmini ! I hope you all have a great weekend! ❤️🐿❤️📚❤️🥪 13mo
Caroline2 I‘m still laughing about this! 😂 I reallly wanna drop a book in so I can shout, “Not a squirrel!!!” 😆 13mo
Libby1 @Caroline2 - 😂😂😂 13mo
WritethebookAnniemae 🤣🤣 13mo
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HowDunit - The Book of Poisons | Serita Stevens, Anne Bannon
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Almost forgot I had this resource...i am currently working on a storyline and one of my scenes will involve a poison that is absorbed through the skin....#books #writer #resources

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