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#Riotgrams #Oversizedbook
This #oversized #currentread is not yet on the Litsy database. I asked for it to be added a couple of weeks ago. It was released for Garner‘s 75th birthday in 2017. #Yearofthechunkster
The tagged book is actually an older selection of her short non-fiction.
(Sorry I keep going on about Garner; I‘ve got a bit of fangirl going on 😍).

AceOnRoam 75 yo? Wow, when did that happen !! 2y
MrsMalaprop @AceOnRoam I know right? When I saw her walk on stage last night I thought I must‘ve got it wrong because she looked so young & sprightly. But then at one point she said she doesn‘t ‘do‘ social media & figures that, at 75, it‘s passed her by. 2y
AceOnRoam Yeah well she hasn't tried Litsy yet maybe? She does look terrific for 75. 2y
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minkyb I wonder if there is a correlation between chunkster reading and increased sales of wrist braces? occurrence of carpal tunnel ? broken toes from tripping over said chunkster? @Cinfhen 🤔🤕😜😂🤪 2y
Cinfhen I always say...you get what you pay for @minkyb 😁 2y
MrsMalaprop @Cinfhen @minkyb 🤔 Well I have had carpal tunnel surgery & I do read my fair share of chunksters, so you could be onto something 🤣. 2y
minkyb Ouch! Sorry to poke fun at a real condition you had to deal with. 🙄 2y
MrsMalaprop Totally fine @minkyb 😊👍. 2y
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