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The Inheritance Trilogy | N. K. Jemisin
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Sometimes when I've bought a lot of books and they're all coming around the same time. This is me😂😂😂🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞 #icantbetheonlyone

TrishB Could always say they are gifts for Litsy people....just sayin.... 2y
Vexingcircumstance We get so much random stuff in the mail including stuff for our daughter and stuff I got essentially free that he never really knows what is what or for who if he sees boxes on the porch or by the door. Lol 2y
brilliantglow @Vexingcircumstance well that's lucky for you!😃😃 lol I'm pretty much the only one that gets mail here. Our daughter is only 4 haha 2y
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Vexingcircumstance My daughter is only three but we get pretty much everything she eats (a prescription formula and very specific drinks and what not due to severe allergies) in the mail. And I Order her therapy equipment for speech and OT and get a lot of her clothes online as well because it's cheaper. And most of her toys come from Amazon because she likes dinosaurs and stuff for her age and development level isn't easy to find in stores. My Dad who lives out of 2y
Vexingcircumstance Town also sends her stuff a lot. 2y
Vexingcircumstance Oh and her diapers, wipes and all of our cleaning and bath products come in the mail from honest company. 2y
brilliantglow @Vexingcircumstance gotta love how much more convenient ordering online can be. It is much nicer to be able to find stuff for cheaper without having to spend hours driving around looking at different stores. 2y
brilliantglow @Vexingcircumstance ohhh I love honest company products. We usually grab them at shoppers when we're there however. Since we have to go there pretty frequently anyway 2y
Vexingcircumstance Yeeeeep. It's so much easier to order stuff. I always do it when I can. All of the Honest stuff is cheaper with the bundle subscriptions and we use a ton of it, so I try to always get it that way but I pick up stuff at Target in between shipments sometimes. My daughter doesn't like shopping and is exhausted a lot (she has a pretty busy PT and OT schedule), so I avoid stores when I can lol 2y
Vexingcircumstance and all the mailorder stuff does mean if I order myself stuff it kind of blends in lol 2y
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