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Recursion | Blake Crouch
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Sometimes it happens that I grab a fresh book out of cataloging and don‘t get a chance to read it due to life and ARCs and whatever, and then I feel bad after 5 days and let the salivating patrons on the holds list have it. So it is with Recursion! Back it goes! I can always read it after the dust settles. #librariansoflitsy #guilt #holdslist

Crazeedi I had to do the same, returned it, I may get it later...😉 7d
jillrhudy @Crazeedi yep! It's not going anywhere. If nothing else I can get on the holds list for an e-book. Audio would take until Christmas, because our audiobooks are in HOT demand, but a plain old e-book would be about a month for me, or less. 6d
Crazeedi @jillrhudy agree!! 6d
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Becoming | Michelle Obama
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That's what I get for waiting so long to put it on hold!


#audiobook #worththewait #holdslist #librarylife

EchoLogical Yeah, I'm just gonna buy myself a copy 8mo
ErinSueGreads Holy cannoli!!! 8mo
CouronneDhiver With all that interest, the library may purchase an additional copy or two... 🍀 8mo
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cariashley There are 1,802 people on hold for 140 copies at the NY Public Library! Audiobook is slightly better with only 1,230 people waiting for 60 copies 😂 I gave up and got it from Audible! 8mo
Librariana @EchoLogical - I think that's a fabulous way to go, especially given who the book is about and written by. A colleague of mine is currently listening to it on her way to work each day and said she feels inspired and motivated any time she stops it for the day. 8mo
Librariana @ErinSueG - I know, right? But I'm gonna go check right now and see if my position has improved even if by just one person! Lol! 8mo
Librariana @CouronneDhiver - From your mouth to Collection Serviceseats, my dear. I'm gonna go log on to Libby and see if things have improved 😁 8mo
Librariana @CouronneDhiver - let's try that comment again! Lol! Collection Services' EARS! 8mo
Librariana @cariashley - Smart lady! Definitely puts things in perspective for me with the comparison to NYPL. I do LOVE that more than 3,000 people are interested in reading this! I'm gonna go check Libby and see if I've moved up even one spot - lol! 8mo
ErinSueGreads Good job on being optimistic 😂😂 8mo
Eyelit Wow! I don‘t know if my library has audio or ebook copies yet, but I placed a hold the other day on this book and I‘m number 367. There are 59 hard copies, tho. 😁 7mo
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The Kitchen Knight: A Tale of King Arthur | Trina Schart Hyman, Margaret Hodges
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Hitting two photo challenges in one with these fairy tales: #retelling and #holdslist. I'm doing a report on the illustrator, so I have about 15 more of her books on hold. Aren't they gorgeous?

aeeklund I collect Trina Schart Hyman's books!! I love her so much!! 2y
emtobiasz @aeeklund I didn't realize until I started researching this how much of her work I encountered growing up! I read a lot of fantasy novels as a child that she did cover art for-- no wonder I like her so much! 2y
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