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When the library has free stuff out the front. Score! My mother was with me and didn‘t comment that I don‘t need anymore books for a change.

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In the past 2 months I've begun composting! I love being able to put my food scraps to good use. I have tons of worms who enjoy all the offerings I bring them and I've also seen other critters like toads and this lovely dragonfly (above) by the pile.

#LitsyCrafters Gardening 🌱

Chelsea.Poole I love this! Composting is huge in our household. We have two bins currently. Yours looks awesome! 4d
Catsandbooks @Chelsea.Poole That's wonderful to hear! I have a small bucket inside that I put our daily scraps in and then each day I take it out to the pile. It's become one of my favorite things to see all the worms living their best wormy life turning our scraps into nutrient rich soil! 🪱🥰 2d
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Strega Nona's Harvest | Tomie DePaola
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3.5/5⭐ I don't enjoy the books that focus on Big Anthony more than Strega Nona, but it's still fun. #bookspinbingo

Untitled | Unknown
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This month, #LitsyCrafters are doing gardening! I don't usually audiobook and garden, but here is the main part of my garden. I built this with my parents, brother, and husband this summer and am growing a few things I've never tried to grow before. Aside from this, I have a bunch of potted produce plants, two informal flower beds, and a small pumpkin patch in the corner of my yard. #Gardening

thereadingpal I tried having plants but I really have a black thumb. I'm kinda jealous lol i hope your garden flourishes! 1w
Kenyazero @thereadingpal haha oh no! That is disappointing! I am pretty haphazard with my gardening, so I can usually keep the plants alive long enough to get some produce from several of the plants 😆 1w
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Orwell's Roses | Rebecca Solnit
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I like to have an audiobook going at all times. Started this one today and it‘s great so far. After all, it is Rebecca Solnit!

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Life in the Garden | Penelope Lively
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Thank you @CoffeeNBooks Harper for the birthday book! I‘m very much looking forward to reading about the author‘s gardens across the world.

Mine doesn‘t look like much yet, but I‘ve been slowly adding more plants over the last two weeks. I‘m most excited about the weeping redbud, I hope it‘ll do well.

Thank you for thinking of me on my birthday even with everything you‘ve been going through. You‘re so sweet. 💕

CoffeeNBooks I hope you had a very happy birthday! 3w
Karons1 @Soubhiville happy 😃 belated birthday 🎂 hope you had a lovely ☺️ one 3w
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A book worth checking out just based on the lovely botanical cover. Marta McDowell writes about Frances Hodgson Burnett‘s various gardens and how they influenced her stories, especially The Secret Garden. This well-researched book is conversational in tone & there are loads of gorgeous photos. This makes a great companion piece to The Secret Garden by Burnett but be aware there are spoilers in this nonfiction book. #gardens #nonfiction #coverlove

Graywacke This sounds great 3w
Ann_Reads @Graywacke Thanks! :-) I really enjoyed it. I hope more readers discover this gem. 3w
Tamra Yes, what a cover ! 3w
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Grow Vegetables in Pots | DK Publishing, Inc
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This book is a must have for anyone that wants to try container gardening or already loves container gardening.

It's full of useful, interesting information and is delivered in an engaging way, which makes it a very easy read.

It went into detail of how to plant each vegetable, herb and other plants, by telling you what you needed, how to do it and then how to treat the plant and problems you may encounter.

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Hoping this might help rid my patch of black fly and fill my vases with flowers! 🤞🏼

KateReadsYA Wow Garden #goals! So beautiful 🥰 1mo
BrittanyReads Beautiful garden! 1mo
AmyG Your garden is truly amazing. 1mo
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Mitch @KateReadsYA Thank you - we‘re loving growing veg! 1mo
Mitch @BrittanyReads thank you - this little corner is my happy place! 1mo
Mitch @AmyG ahh - thank you 🙏 1mo
Cupcake12 Lovely picture…I read about your garden in your letters so now I can picture it xx 1mo
TheAromaofBooks Yay!! I love planting flowers and veggies together - I'll have to see if I can find this book for some more purposeful plantings than I currently use 😂 1mo
Soubhiville Wow, how wonderful! I love your space! 1mo
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Hello #LitsyCrafters
June's featured craft is gardening 🪴

I'll be hosting a virtual craft hangout on the 25th so stay tuned for a post with more info.

As always I still want to see what craft you're working on, so continue to tag me (@catsandbooks) with your projects!

If you're not currently tagged in #LitsyCrafters news and would like to be, let me know.