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This is the 2nd book in the Triple Threat series. Cate Reilly is tapped for an undercover assignment. Stephanie Laurent is missing from the Ivy Hill School in St. Louis. Cate has been chosen as she is able to pose as a 17 year old student. The only man she ever loved is also working at the school. Zeke Sloan is undercover on a drug assignment.

EadieB Are the two somehow connected? Zeke has never forgotten Cate, but now isn't the best time for their paths to cross again. Startling connections emerge and danger escalates. Who is the mastermind behind the elaborate scheme? How far will they go to protect their house of cards? The plot has lots of suspense and dangerous undercover aspects which kept me on the edge of my seat. 7mo
EadieB The characters are interesting and I enjoyed learning about Cate and Zeke's relationship. The book ended well and I'm now looking forward to the 3rd book of the series. If you enjoy romantic suspense, then you will enjoy this book. 7mo
Crazeedi Well written review Eadie 👏❤ 7mo
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EadieB @Crazeedi Thanks! I'll send this one to you too as it is an ARC that I got on Librarything 7mo
Crazeedi @EadieB you dont have to send really, you're just too kind my friend 7mo
EadieB @Crazeedi I'm done with it so if it fits in the box, you will get it. 7mo
TheAromaofBooks Yay!!! 7mo
kspenmoll Sounds really good! Great in depth review! 7mo
EadieB @kspenmoll Thanks! 7mo
Crazeedi @EadieB 😘 7mo
Andrew65 Great review. 7mo
EadieB Thanks! 7mo
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