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Happy Place | Emily Henry
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A yummy THC seltzer, and the exclusive scent from one of my favorite vacation spots—The Arizona Biltmore—have put me in the mood to finally finish this book. Emily Henry has done it again: she‘s pulled me back into her universe and I don‘t want to leave! I tried to control myself, but I can‘t any longer. I‘m finishing this baby tonight! #FabulousFriday

GingerAntics Wait wait wait, that‘s a seltzer with weed in it? That just sounds so classy! 2w
thereadingreference Perfect evening! 2w
FashionableObserver @thereadingreference The Husband and the Kid just started a fire in the fire pit. I didn‘t think it could get any better but here we are! 2w
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FashionableObserver @GingerAntics Yes! So many companies are making it here in Minnesota now. Tons of flavors. They even have pop! There‘s a citrus one that is absolutely delicious! 2w
GingerAntics @FashionableObserver I saw that come August we can officially all so recreational weed now! Very exciting. So it‘s legal for me to do on this side of the boarder; but I work on the ND side. Trying to work out if I can really enjoy my Labor day or not. lol 1w
FashionableObserver @GingerAntics LOL! This is definitely going to make things interesting for surrounding states. You‘ll have to keep me posted on that! I‘ve never smoked but I am loving the gummies and chocolates, etc.! You can do seltzers and gummies now and, since you are in MN, I know a place in Minneapolis that will mail them to you…Hemp House. Check them out! 1w
GingerAntics Oh my god I love Minnesota so much!!! Why did we ever leave?! I‘ve never done any of that stuff, but I would love to try the gummies, chocolates, suckers, etc. 4d
FashionableObserver @GingerAntics Yes, try it! I‘d never been that interested but I had a gummy after a particularly stressful day and now I am a true believer! I had a caramel last night to celebrate resigning from my job (🥳). It tasted like a Werther‘s Original! 1d
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Murder at Haven's Rock | Kelley Armstrong
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This is so good! I usually would have had it read by now. But, a friend's father died in a tragic accident Thursday afternoon. So, I haven't read much.

For #FabulousFriday Readathon, I have read 4.5/3. I met my goal, but would love to finish this one.

Have a beautiful Sunday.


Andrew65 So sorry to hear this, sending love and best wishes. 🙏 4mo
Monica5 @Andrew65 Thank you 4mo
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