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This is a fascinating journalistic exploration of the journey Jon Krakauer took in 1996 attempting to climb Mt. Everest. It felt a little rushed which the author admits to, but it is completely engrossing. I wanted a more psychological angle that attempts to understand why people do this, but there was very little of that. Overall, I‘m in a rabbit hole and I now need more books like this.

Macnjen I've read this twice and listened to the audiobook. It's such a shocking, compelling story I just couldn't believe it. 3h
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The Discovery of the Titanic | Robert D. Ballard
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Some of my favorite #bluebooks that are on my shelves! #30junebooks @howjessreads

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Monday night....👍🏼

catebutler Perfect evening plans! Love your socks!! 🧦 1d
CrowCAH Cute socks 🧦 1d
wanderinglynn What a fun bookmark! Enjoy your evening! 💜 1d
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Cathythoughts Cosy 💛💛💛 1d
Ruthiella Bookish paraphernalia IS AWESOME 😀 1d
Mitch @catebutler thank you xx 1d
Mitch @Ruthiella I know! It‘s the best! 1d
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I have a potentially tricky work day today with some difficult meetings and potentially fierce conversations. I‘m convinced though my train reading will help put the day into perspective!

TrishB Hope all goes well, I‘m having a period of those at the moment, it‘s hard work. 2d
Mitch @TrishB oh yes! Hope your day goes ok too 🙏 2d
Soubhiville I hope it‘s going well and turns out to be less stressful than expected. 2d
Mitch @Soubhiville Monday - ✔️ Let‘s see what Tuesday can bring! 2d
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In the mood for this one this morning. 🤓

Chrissyreadit Let me know what you think. I‘m wondering if this would be a good book to read with my teens for modern history. 3d
Caz1 Watch the series on Netflix.... it‘s great 3d
MellieAntoinette Loved this one!! 3d
Laughterhp I‘ve been hearing so much about Chernobyl lately! Looks like a good book! 3d
Kayla.Adriena @Caz1 what's the name of the Netflix series? I watched the one on HBO and thought it was amazing 2d
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So, I bought a few books today at my favorite library‘s used book store. $7.00 total 🙌🏻

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Pretty pic 💞 3d
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132 men were stranded on the ice for two days and nights in a blizzard during the seal hunt. Two thirds of them died. Inadequate supplies, poor communication and faulty assumptions set up this tragedy. The book is particularly instructive in showing how if even one of the circumstances had been different, this wouldn't have happened.

Content warning: hunting of animals


Despite the dry, technical nature of the subject matter, this book was a page-turner. I was enraptured from beginning to end while the author discussed some aspects of life in Soviet Russia, the politics surrounding the reactor‘s design and details of the catastrophe and subsequent relief efforts.

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New balcony furniture set! And since we finally watched the first episode of Chernobyl, new ebook to read on said balcony set. 😎

britt_brooke Ooh, nice reading spot! 5d
MallenNC I‘m waiting for that book to come in for me at the library 5d
stacybmartin Looks amazing! Enjoy! 💙 5d
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Bklover Looks great! I just watched Chernobyl too. Incredible story. I remember when it happened, and you sure didn‘t hear much about it 5d
JPeterson @britt_brooke It is; very comfy and hard to leave 😂 5d
JPeterson @MallenNC Hopefully it comes in soon! 🤞🏻 5d
JPeterson @stacybmartin It is! Definitely my new reading spot for the summer! 5d
JPeterson @Bklover It is! I know some of what happened, but not a lot of the small details that really explain the motivations of why this happened. Crazy! 5d
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Having just watched the HBO Miniseries - Chernobyl, I cant wait to get stuck into this book, to separate fact from fiction. The miniseries was excellent though and it brought to light so much I didn‘t know of something that I can remember happening when I was a kid. Horrifying.

Images from BBC

Beatlefan129 I watched it as well and thought it was fantastic. Hard to watch at times, but they brought it to life so well. 5d
Mitch @Beatlefan129 it was shot so well, it was chilling and gripping and heartbreaking and beautiful all at the same time. Some of the best TV I‘ve seen in a long time 5d
LibrarianRyan HBO also has a pod cast to go along with the show that delves a bit more into the history and the changes they made for the series. 5d
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charl08 I watched the first one and haven't been brave enough to watch the rest. I really recommend 5d
Mitch @LibrarianRyan oh cool..I‘ll check that out 👍🏼 5d
charl08 ... cont but it is equally traumatic - Alexievich spent years interviewing people who lived through it, and it's in their words. 5d
Mitch @charl08 stacked! 5d
brittanythebookdragon The Eastern Border Podcast has an excellent episode on Chernobyl. He has an excellent podcast on all things Soviet Russia having been born and raised in Latvia. 5d
Mitch @brittanythebookdragon looks interesting. I was in Lithuania a few years ago in a town where the power station had been closed ( as a result on joining the EU and safety law difference) and some of the landscape was so reminiscent of that trip. 5d
LazyDays Oh, I've beem waiting to watch this. Glad you enjoyed. 5d
Fridameetslucy I will never forget the film crew who went into Chernobyl immediately after the disaster. They showed their film at the Margaret Meade festival in nyc . Their was silence after it was over. We were standing for people that we knew were dying in front of us (edited) 5d
danireads It was such a good show! I finally watched the last episode last night. And now I want to read all of the books about it. It‘s such a horrible balance of fascinating and devastating. 5d
Mitch @Fridameetslucy that‘s heartbreaking 5d
Fridameetslucy @mitch im@planning a fall trip yo London / could you make some recommendations for me bookshops and other special nooks? 5d
Mitch Definitely! Drop me a line it‘s mitch(dot)k at mac(dot)com 4d
AlaMich Chernobyl was excellent. It was so well done, with amazing sets and great performances. I just bought 3d
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