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I love Flavia, but was finding that the books were becoming a little less exciting as the series progressed. Book 7 finds Flavia in a new location: Canadian boarding school. It was a marvelous refresh!

Milo hasn't appeared in my posts in a very long time, so he's helping showcase tonight's book. He listened to parts of it with me during our play & cuddle time. 🐍 💙 #SnakesOfLitsy #ComfortSnake #ZenPython #WellReadSnek

GrilledCheeseSamurai Milo is friggen GORGEOUS! 😍 1mo
JoyBlue @GrilledCheeseSamurai Thank you! I sure think so. I luuuuuurve him! 😍 1mo
Megabooks Ball python?? Beautiful snake!! 😍😍 1mo
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Hufflepuffle He is gorgeous!!!! 😍😍😍 1mo
Bklover Milo is gorgeous!! 1mo
JoyBlue @Megabooks Yes! A Mojave. Thank you! 💙 1mo
JoyBlue @Hufflepuffle @Bklover Thank you! 💙 1mo
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Slinky, Scaly Snakes! | Jennifer A Dussling
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Hey, Littens—thanks for telling me that it's National Pet Day! Milo isn't eating tonight, so I'm a little concerned about him at the moment. But usually he's cute and cooperative, like in this photo. #NationalPetDay #PetsOfLitsy #ComfortSnake

Endowarrior21 How old and when did he last eat? I owned 3 snakes in the past 5mo
cobwebmoth He's beautiful! 5mo
8little_paws Cool!!! 5mo
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JoyBlue @Endowarrior21 He‘s 1.5 years and ate half of what he should have last Thursday (the rats we have are too small, so we‘ve started feeding two/week, per the instructions of the food provider). I wonder if he‘s getting ready to shed. He‘s not showing signs yet, but maybe all will be illuminated in the next couple days. He goes into blue every 5-7.5 weeks, and it‘s been 6 weeks. Thanks for chiming in. 5mo
JoyBlue @cobwebmoth Thank you! 💙 I sure think so. I‘m crazy in love with him! 5mo
Leftcoastzen He‘s pretty cool! 5mo
JoyBlue @Leftcoastzen Yes, yes he is! He‘s even got his own Facebook page: Milo, ball python extraordinaire or @MiloZenPython. You‘re both zen! 😉 5mo
Endowarrior21 @JoyBlue it could be that or the fact it becoming breeding season I had my male go a full month off food due to breeding season even with no females around good luck. All my snakes lived very long happy lives my brother now owns my last one due to my hubby being deathly afraid of them plus my niece loves him he is a 10 year old BP btw he is handsome. 5mo
JoyBlue @Endowarrior21 Thank you! I‘m hopeful it‘s one of these logical reasons. His habitat is right, and he shows no signs of illness, injury, or infestation, so I‘ll just keep an eye on him and keep loving him. 😉🐍 I‘m sorry you can‘t have your 10-yr-old BP with you. How nice for your niece (and snek) to have each other, though! 💙 5mo
JoyBlue @Endowarrior21 Here‘s another question for you. For the last couple/few weeks, Milo has started coming out and periscoping high when DH is in the room, even when he doesn‘t have food with him. [DH doesn‘t play with Milo—he just does feeding.] Have you seen that kind of behavior before? 5mo
Endowarrior21 @JoyBlue yes he is looking to see if your DH has food seeing he associates him and food together they are very smart and recognize patterns and scents so he basically knows your DH scent means food. I always fed mine in a separate bin so they never thought me going by their habitat as food. As long as he is not striking when he is doing it I would not worry. 5mo
JoyBlue @Endowarrior21 Thanks for confirming my suspicion. Luckily, no striking at DH. I wish I knew why he *seems* so interested but doesn't actually eat. He'll get hungry eventually! 😉 5mo
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