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The Captain's Old Love
The Captain's Old Love | Mary Lancaster
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His dashing days are behind him - until an old flame dances back into his life. A hero of Trafalgar and many battle since, Captain Julius Vale, has retired from the Royal Navy and moved himself and all his siblings back to the family home near Blackhaven. Here, wounded and disillusioned, he seeks peace for himself, and happiness for his troubled brothers and sisters. He does not expect to encounter the woman who broke his heart ten years ago, and he certainly does not mean to make the mistake of falling for her again. Antonia, now an impoverished widow and mother, is the paid companion of eccentric spinster, Miss Talbot, who is taking a course of the Blackhaven waters. Meeting Julius again is a shock. So is the fact that he clearly blames her for their parting when it was he who sailed away without a word of goodbye. And yet after only one dance, she begins to feel alive... Amidst the tangle of anger, hurt and reigniting passion, they gradually realize the truth. But it seems that the same forces that parted them ten years ago are determined to do so again. Unless they are strong enough this time to trust in each other. One Night in Blackhaven The Captain's Old Love The Earl's Promised Bride The Soldier's Impossible Love The Gambler's Last Chance The Poet's Stern Critic The Rake's Mistake The Spinster's Last Dance
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The Captain's Old Love | Mary Lancaster
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I totally have this phobia! 📚
Anyone else?!

Princess-Kingofkings Guilty ~ went to my haircut today and almost succumbed to anxiety when I realized I didn‘t bring a book to read. I did have The Family Garden Plan with me as I was planning to pick up some garden prep supplies so I was able to read chapter 4 again. 1mo
RaeLovesToRead I have the opposite fear... that I will die before I've managed to read all mai presshhhusss! 1mo
Tamra My TBR attests otherwise. 😵‍💫😅😆 Or maybe the opposite??? (edited) 1mo
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CrowCAH @Princess-Kingofkings phew 😅 saved! 📕 1mo
CrowCAH @RaeLovesToRead I agree! Soooo many books to read!!!! 1mo
CrowCAH @Tamra very true! See you do fear not having a book to read 😆 1mo
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