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The Very Best of Kate Elliott
The Very Best of Kate Elliott | Kate Elliott
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A retrospective collection of short fiction by the best-selling author of the Crown of Stars and Spiritwalker series focuses on strong female heroines in the stories "The Memory of Peace," "Riding the Shore of the River of Death" and others. Original.
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An excellent short story collection (also includes 4 short essays incl the great "Omniscient Breasts" about male gaze vs female gaze in writing, which is available online). Reading many of her stories close together really highlights what Elliott is interested in as an author: women from all levels of society and various roles as MCs with agency, ambitions, appetites, in fantasy settings.*
Which I am a fan of! So no surprise I liked this book.

llwheeler *I don't mean literally every single story has a female MC, but a clear theme emerges. The whole collection is strong, though my favourite story has to be the one about Rory (from Spiritwalker trilogy) cause I just love him. 3y
llwheeler 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ posted this as a blurb instead of a review. It is a Pick for me! 3y
TheAromaofBooks Sounds intriguing! I don't think I've ever even heard of Kate Elliot before! Thanks for playing #BookSpin!! 3y
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My #bookreport and #weeklyforecast look very similar...

I finished everything I said for last week except Little Women. I may or may not have hit the sad part and pulled a Joey and freezered it (not literally, it's an audiobook on my phone 😬).

This week I have to finish it though, my library loan expires. And I continue on with LotR #FellowshipofTolkien, Dune #ChunksterChallenge2020 and Kate Elliott short stories. May start Watchmen if time.

Daisey Looks like a great plan! 3y
MidnightBookGirl I really need to start Dune! We have a new anniversary edition at the bookstore that I want to get on my shelf! 3y
llwheeler @MidnightBookGirl I think I know the one you mean, it is gorgeous 3y
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The first #BookSpin was number 18, which means in Jan I get to read this collection of Kate Elliott short stories and essays! Looking forward to it! I forgot what an awesome cover it has 🔥

I've also decided to jump on the #ChunksterChallenge2020 bandwagon, since I think that will help me finish Dune. I'm slightly cheating since I'm already at page 150, and my edition is just shy of 900 pages, but close enough.

@TheAromaofBooks @Amiable 😊

Amiable Excellent! Welcome to the crew! :) 3y
twohectobooks It‘s crazy how much of a difference the edition makes - my copy of Dune is 535 pages! 3y
llwheeler @Amiable thanks! And thank you for having the idea and hosting it! It's a great idea! 3y
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llwheeler @twohectobooks wow, that is a huge difference! The edition is really nice though. And I did include appendices and afterword in the page count, since I like to read those 3y
twohectobooks Yeah, mine is just a plain paperback from the early aughts. I‘ve been eyeing Penguin‘s gorgeous new deluxe edition but can‘t justify spending $50 on a single book that I already own. 3y
TheAromaofBooks Wow, both of those covers are gorgeous!! Hopefully your #BookSpin pick will balance out the chunkster!!! 3y
llwheeler @twohectobooks totally understand that 3y
llwheeler @TheAromaofBooks they are, and match quite well lol. Not gonna lie, I was happy that this month didn't turn out to be one of my #BookSpin chunksters as well! Short stories is perfect lol 3y
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A bookstore partially burned down & the owner was getting rid of all the books. Saved these books from the dumpster today. I will have to wrap them up again as they were slight damaged by soot. Saved a few Patricia Cornwell books (the older Kay Scarpetta ones that was good), a few thrillers & some Nora Roberts.

rather_be_reading nice!! and sad for that bookstore 😢 5y
KeeperofBooks @rather_be_reading yes, it was heartbreaking but I‘m happy to report I was not the only one saving the orphaned books 😊 5y
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