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Four Weddings and a Puppy
Four Weddings and a Puppy | Lizzie Shane
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When two childhood friends return home after their sports careers don't go as planned, a puppy just may give them a second chance at happiness together. Shes always been the girl with the plan . . . until the plan crashed big time Kendall Walsh has exactly one second to save a fancy, five-tiered wedding cake and any possibility of being a wedding plannernot to mention her familys struggling ski resort. All because of one very cute, very furry, golden menace of a retriever who has a serious thing for butter chiffon icing. Which is exactly when Olympic skier Brody James shows up and saves the day . . . and the cake. Brody makes Kendall feel about a million indecipherable things. Hes her brothers bestie. Her first crush. And a ridiculously popular Olympic hero, which only reminds her of her own failed Olympic dreams. What Brody isnt telling her is that hes walked away from it all. The fame. The sponsorships. The celebrity girlfriend. Now he and Kendall are both lost somewhere between their past and a future they cant yet see. But four weddings, one mischievous puppy, and a few steamy kisses later, these two might just realize that they are both exactly where they need to bewith each other.
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I swear this was done before 4/2! Why do I always post them so late? & yes, I finished #5 already. 😅 #BookSpin


TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 3w
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