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Sex, Lies and Sensibility
Sex, Lies and Sensibility | Nikki Payne
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Nikki Payne skillfully spins the tale of a well-known Jane Austen classic and makes it entirely her own. Thoughtful, hilarious, and smolderingly steamy.Kristina Forest, author of The Partner Plot Two sisters roll up their sleeves to run a dilapidated inn but must learn to work with the locals in this deliciously spicy novel inspired by Sense and Sensibility. Theres never a good time to learn you are your fathers secret childespecially not at the reading of his will. With their fathers affairs laid bare and Noras sensible reputation in tatters due to a viral video scandal, she and her free-spirited sister have nothing left but a rustic inn in the middle of nowhere and each other. Whats more, they need to revamp the inn before Labor Day or they lose it all. Nora hasnt even knocked the traveling dust off last seasons designer boots when shes confronted with three problems: 1. She really should have watched more HGTV. 2. She hasnt seen another Black person for miles. 3. A tall, dark stranger has already staked a claim on their property. Native Abenaki eco-tour guide Ennis Bear Freeman has seen hapless tourists come and go. When he spots two pampered city girls at his unofficial headquarters, he expects them to catch a flight out of the inhospitable coastal Maine backwoods within a weeks time. But Nora, turns out, is made of sterner stuff. And as she rolls up her sleeves to breathe new life into the inn, she unwittingly reignites a flood of emotions inside of Bear that he had very intentionally suppressed. Their connection is electric, their desire palpable. But Bears silence about his mysterious past might turn out to be the one thing that sends Nora packing.
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A new novel inspired by Sense and Sensibility.

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