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Run on Your New Legs, Vol. 2
Run on Your New Legs, Vol. 2 | Wataru Midori
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The race in Shibuya has given Kikuzato a taste of what running and competing on a blade could be, but it will take more than a new leg for him to truly be a contender the next time he races. Kikuzato needs to learn how to run, and Usami is only too happy to give him some pointers after school at track and field club. Kikuzato thought his days of training with a team were behind him, but with the club members help, the path to becoming a runner opens before himthough not without a few hurdles along the way!
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Kikuzato is now gearing up to join the track and field team at his school. This volume gave us some insight to his past from when he initially lost his leg and how he became depressed, now he is excited and looking forward to running again. It was a little uncomfortable when some new side characters/schoolmates started touching his prosthetic leg without asking, and we got to met his mom and see how she deals with her son getting back into sports

Sweetkokoro @TheAromaofBooks this one counts for my August Doublespin! I felt lucky to get such a quick read haha! 2mo
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! Sometimes the numbers really work out! 😁 2mo
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