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500 Desserts
500 Desserts: The Only Compendium of Desserts You'll Ever Need | Wendy Sweetser, Kathryn Hawkins
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However good the preceding courses, a meal is never truly memorable unless it finishes with a spectacular dessert. Whether it's a mile-high meringue or cheesecake, a wickedly rich chocolate mousse swirled with cream and nuts or just a simple bowl of ice cream, few of us can resist a sweet treat before we leave the table. 500 Desserts has a recipe for everyone, whether your idea of the perfect end to a meal is light and fruity or something that's a bit more indulgent. Chapters cover all the techniques you need to produce the desserts of your dreams, including how to use gelatine, melt chocolate, whisk egg whites, whip cream and what to do should disaster strike when you're cooking to impress. Packed with recipes that range from simple desserts you can prepare in minutes, to ones that can be made the day before or prepared well ahead and stored in the freezer until needed.
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Some of my many dessert cookbooks for #DessertDay
I picked the ones with dessert in the main title.

Eggs Great collection👏🏻👏🏻 2mo
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