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The Stranding
The Stranding | Kate Sawyer
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Ruth lives in the heart of the city. Working, drinking, falling in love: the rhythm of her vivid and complicated life there is set against a background hum of darkening news reports from which she deliberately turns away. As a new relationship becomes increasingly claustrophobic, and the discussions of impending political crisis are harder to avoid, she starts to dream of water; of escaping entwining tentacles through deep blue seas. She sets out to the other side of the globe to find that vision of freedom, and to decide who she wants to be when she returns. But when she arrives at her destination, she finds instead that the world, and life, she left behind no longer exists. Starting at the end and eventually returning there, with alternate chapters set Before and After, THE STRANDING is a story of how to make a life, what it is to be a woman, and what remains when everything we know is stripped away.
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The Stranding | Kate Sawyer
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It‘s a good old fashioned dystopian novel- by that I mean that‘s it‘s not post pandemic but post nuclear war (we think- it‘s not actually fully detailed).
There‘s are a few plot holes, but overall entertaining enough.
I think this may be classed as a #hopepunknovel #booked2022

Cinfhen Hahaha!!! I love your distinction 😆hooray for good ole fashioned dystopian #HopePunk 3mo
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