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Let's Stay Home!
Let's Stay Home!: Home fun and play keeps the virus away | Sugar Snap Studio, Jessie Ford
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In Lets Stay Home, bright, upbeat illustrations and fun at-home activity suggestions keep your young children (and you) entertained, healthy, and connected with others while social distancing. Instead of being stuck at home, why not enjoy your time inside? Lets Stay Home shows you all the things you can do at home to keep happy and healthy! The fear-free language and simple mental and physical health concepts in this book can help children manage the emotions, stress, and anxiety that may come during this pandemic. A proactive, encouraging tone inspires kids to get creative, stay physically fit, and demonstrate their love for others. From family fitness classes to video-calling grandparents and everything in between, explore all the fun things you can do while staying at home! Find joy as you: Display something in your window to make your neighbors smile Make art Dance around Blow bubbles Play dress up Plant a garden Dream up other fun things you can do at home! An inspirational read for the entire family, Lets Stay Home is not only perfect for giving ideas for indoor entertainment, but also for introducing young children to key hygiene practices that promote physical wellness.
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kspenmoll Enjoy!!!! 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 💗📚💗 2y
TheKidUpstairs Great reading space! 2y
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This was a simple book of things to do or to make while locked in because of pandemics, environment, etc. It makes inside things look fun and inviting and helps alleviate the agitation of staying inside. I do like that the illustrator at least made an effort to be inclusive, but these efforts petter out towards the end.