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Midnight Train to Prague
Midnight Train to Prague: A Novel | Carol Windley
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An unforgettable tale of what we owe to those we love, and those we have left behind In 1927, as Natalia Faber travels from Berlin to Prague with her mother, their train is delayed in Saxon Switzerland. In the brief time the train is idle, Natalia learns the truth about her father and meets a remarkable woman named Dr. Magdalena Schaefferov, whose family will become a significant part of her future. Shaken by these events, Natalia arrives at a spa on the shore of Lake Hevz in Hungary. Here, she meets the journalist and writer Mikls Count Andorjn. In time, they will marry, and Natalia will devote herself to life on a rural estate in Hungary. When war breaks out in Europe, Natalia loses contact with Mikls. She believes they are to meet in Prague, a city under Nazi occupation. She sets up shop as a fortune teller with a pack of Tarot cards. In this guise, she meets Magdalena Schaefferovs young daughter, Anna. Accused by the Nazis of spying, Natalia is sent to a concentration camp. In April 1945, Natalia and Anna are reunited, and with courage and determination, find the strength to begin again in a changed world.
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Amazon must know that I‘m a sucker for any book set in Prague. This showed up in my Kindle deals a couple weeks ago, and now it‘s #nextup


A scattered tale of a young woman trying to fond love and happiness as WW11 rises in Europe. Gold through the eyes of Natalia Faber and a young woman who becomes her friend, Anna, this story struggles to hold together and tell a complete tale. The lack of continuity in the storyline makes becoming emotionally involved with the characters challenging. A more challenging read in this genre. Not for everyone.

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I definitely recommend this one. The beginning was so good and, while the rest seemed rushed, I thought this was a great story.

Natalia meets a woman doctor on a train before World War II. She also sees a Bugatti racing past and guesses about the lives of the passengers. This sets the scene for the rest of the novel.

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I received an #ARC from #HarperCollins via #Netgalley

JenReadsAlot Prague is my favorite city ever! 2y
vlwelser @JenReadsAlot Mine too! I will read any book with Prague in the title. Otherwise this might not have caught my attention. 2y
JenReadsAlot Lol. That's why your post really caught my eye! 2y
TheAromaofBooks Awesome Bonanza progress!!! 2y
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