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Living for Love and Dying for Loyalty
Living for Love and Dying for Loyalty | Mz. Lady P.
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It's love at first sight when Aja Jackson meets the Southside of Chicago's Rahmeek "King Rah" Jones. They began a love affair that felt so right that nothing could possibly go wrong. After doing a five year sentence Rahmeek has been released from prison and is ready to link back up with his old connect Juan Rodriquez. There's just one person standing in the way of their relationship, and Rahmeek's journey back to the top-- Aja's brother Markese. Markese takes pride in the fact that he has raised Aja and takes her personal life serious. Markese hails from the Westside of Chicago. He holds court in the street alongside his crew Killa, Mont, Nisa, and Boogie. Juan Rodriquez is currently Markese's connect, and Markese has no intentions on sharing his wealth. Juan has a meeting with Markese and Rahmeek and things turn sour really fast. Life in the streets is one thing ,but their personal lives are a whole different story. Relationships are tested when secrets are exposed. A series of events in the streets and in the sheets will have dire consequences for everyone involved. Follow the crew that's living for Love and Dying for Loyalty.
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Cinfhen Nice boobs 😛 2mo
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