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A Discourse by Three Drunkards on Government
A Discourse by Three Drunkards on Government | Nakae Chomin
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A Discourse by Three Drunkards on Government takes the form of a debate between a spokesman for Western ideals of democracy and progress, and an advocate for adherence to traditional samurai values. Their discussion is moderated by the imperturbable Master Nankai, who loves nothing more than to drink and argue politics. The fiction of the drinking bout allowed Chomin to debate freely topical political issues, in a discussion that offers an astute analysis of contemporary European politics and a prophetic vision of Japan's direction. This lucid and precise translation of a delightful work has been designated one of the UNESCO series of classics of world literature.
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#BookNLunch! #MrBook1inaMillion Edition! Accompaniment this cold, gray afternoon: double-grilled cheese & bacon sandwiches (smokehouse cheddar inside, mozzarella & parmesan on the outside), cheddar & bacon potato chips, and Vanilla Coke. MMMmmmm 😋! This has been another presentation of: #MrBookKitchen. Happy reads & happy eats! 😎👌🏻

#LitsyPartyOfOne #24B4Monday

Alora Mmm looks delicious! Except that vanilla coke...lol!😂I‘ll stick to my normal Coke and Pepsi haha. Thats one pop I was never really a fan of...cherry coke and vanilla. And dr.pepper 🤢 2mo
MrBook @Alora I also enjoy birch beer! 🤤 2mo
Alora @MrBook Okay now that I can get on board with 😍😍 2mo
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MrBook @Alora Ohhh yeah. 😁🙌🏻 2mo
umbrellagirl Cheese on the *outside*?!?! How did I not know about this? 2mo
MrBook @umbrellagirl Oh yes, oh yes. Makes it extra crunchy! 😎🙌🏻 2mo
ValerieAndBooks Cheese on the outside...I‘ll have to try that next time I make grilled cheese sandwiches 😋 2mo
wordslinger42 Parmesan on the outside is soooo good!!! I've never known anyone but my mom and I who does that! 2mo
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