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Hennepin County Library - Minneapolis Central Library
Hennepin County Library - Minneapolis Central Library | Minneapolis, MN (Library)
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Hennepin County Library - Minneapolis Central Library
300 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55401 USA

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just putting this up in case any of you haven't heard. please sign the petition if you care about libraries and access for all..I know @LibrarianRyan has also posted about it #ebooksforall

LibrarianRyan yeahhhh 2mo
Taylor These publishers already started this years ago when they heavily boosted up the prices of ebooks. It kind of got swept under the rug then but...everyone acts like the big pubs care about reading culture when really all they‘re interested in is protecting hardback sales. 2mo
Flaneurette @Taylor I really started using my library much more after agency pricing came about..I do still buy quite a few books in various formats but I am not much of a rereader and I can't afford to buy them all so the library makes sense for me but if waits are super long I'm just not gonna read those books 2mo
Taylor @Flaneurette Yeah, I feel like this is another bad move in an attempt to get people to purchase hardbacks, and also probably to get the libraries to purchase more hardbacks so as to have more copies available. 2mo
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