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Taking Arthritis to School
Taking Arthritis to School | DeeDee L. Miller, Tom Dineen
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Uses a simple story about a young boy in school to present information about arthritis.
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Taking Arthritis to School | DeeDee L. Miller, Tom Dineen
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Well, it‘s finally happened. Arthritis in my book holding hand. Anyone have any tricks to being able to hold books without causing pain. I thought 40 was supposed to be the new 30?! It doesn‘t feel like it!😡

TheBookHippie I use these DISUPPO Arthritis Compression Gloves Relieve Pain from Rheumatoid, RSI,Carpal Tunnel, Hand Gloves Fingerless for Computer Typing and Dailywork, Support for Hands and Joints (L, Black) https://a.co/d/0Dwv2Yr I have RA 11mo
Aimeesue Depends on where you‘re reading. In bed, I use my designated book pillow to prop my book or Kindle on. Sitting up, I use a pillow and/or wrist brace. Honestly, I mostly have to use my Kindle these days, as it‘s lighter than most books. RA makes me drop things. 11mo
LiteraryinLawrence I‘m jumping in too- I‘m 40 and was just diagnosed with RA. Sending love to my fellow Littens. @TheBookHippie I‘m going to look into that suggestion, thanks! 11mo
TheBookHippie @LiteraryinLawrence I hope they work for you! 11mo
bio_chem06 I hit the NSAIDS hard and just tried to reduce my thumb use for a few days. Luckily it‘s getting better & the swelling is down. Now I‘m working on physical therapy exercises. Aging is not for the weak🤣 11mo
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Taking Arthritis to School | DeeDee L. Miller, Tom Dineen
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As someone with arthritis, I absolutely adored this SF picture book about a little boy who has arthritis. Eric explains to us what it‘s like to have arthritis and helps explain to his classmates what it is. This is an amazing informative text that is a great for RA to help students understand their peers with arthritis. This book already comes with a quiz, teacher tips, and arthritis resources. But this link gives teachers a guide on what......

Kcompton2912 Arthritis is for kids and can be used to creat informative activities/projects to go along with the RA. The UDL principle 2.4, promote understanding across languages, and the EL strategy 6, continually monitor students comprehension, can all be met with this book and the activities attached to it. #UCFLAE3414SU19 5y
MeganKlein @Kcompton2912, this book sounds amazing! I would love to read this just for my own enjoyment & curiosity. Many students probably don't know what arthritis is, but I'm sure this book does a great job at explaining to students in language that is understandable to them. It's important for students to be informed about various disabilities and medical conditions because it promotes acceptance and tolerance of others who are unique in their own ways 5y
Kcompton2912 @MeganKlein there is a whole series called “the special kids in school” and has tons of books of different types of disabilities! I‘m working on getting the whole collection. It‘s extremely informative 5y
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MeganKlein @Kcompton2912 Wow, I love that! I really need to check out that series. Thanks for sharing :) 5y
DrSpalding Excellent choice and you obviously have a personal connection. What other genre is this really? It‘s only non-fiction or biography if the characters are actually real people. 5y
Kcompton2912 @DrSpalding oh my goodness! Science fiction! 5y
DrSpalding No...try again.🤓 5y
Kcompton2912 @DrSpalding realistic fiction? 5y
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