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Through the eyes of a drug-addict's wife
Through the eyes of a drug-addict's wife | Word Girl
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It didn't matter how many people said he was no good for her, she couldn't see it! She didn't see destructive, she saw his pain. She didn't see addiction, she saw his shame. She didn't see selfishness, she saw him trying to grab onto anything tangible. When others looked at him they saw a loser drug head that proved himself time after time that he'd never change. When she looked at him, she saw a man Jesus was murdered to save. They saw his foolishness and she saw her babies dad. They saw demons and she saw redemption. Maybe the fact that she was once wretched too made it easier for her to trust that reckless love was enough. Or maybe the fact that she had already escaped from a real demon before had everything to do with why she could see the truth in his eyes buried behind all of the lies. Any stranger on the street wouldn't care to fight for his life or any addict's life for that matter and perhaps that's why it takes seeing through the eyes of a wife to believe no matter how ugly one soul could be that Jesus came to set EVERY. SINGLE. captive free.
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Ugh. I had trouble with this. I know it was her story, it just wasn‘t what I was expecting. It was more about her finding God than anything else. Honestly I think the problem was that I couldn‘t relate to anything 🤷‍♀️

Tamra Doesn‘t sound good to me either. 3y
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This paragraph is awful for me. It made me angry and sad.

Megabooks I don‘t believe that, but that‘s just me. 3y
Jennick2004 @Megabooks me either that‘s why it made me so frustrated! 3y
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