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Las Vegas-Clark County Library District - Clark County Library
Las Vegas-Clark County Library District - Clark County Library | Las Vegas, Nevada (Library)
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Las Vegas-Clark County Library District - Clark County Library
1401 E. Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, Nevada 89119 USA

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Love that there‘s an ad for the library!
#library #booklove #librariansoflitsy

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I have no self control when it comes to library bookstores 😅 and does anyone think my hair here looks like poodle ears? That‘s a thing now 😝

Jeannineth You look very cute. I have no self control at the library bookstore either. 5mo
cherinium Your hair is not nearly as floofy as most poodles' ears. 🐩 5mo
Coleen_Nieto I did the same thing on Friday! Library stores have the best stuff!! 5mo
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mdm139 Is that windmill? 5mo
Crazeedi Your hair is beautiful! 5mo
QueenJen I would have never thought poodle ears! 😂😂😂 As someone with thin hair, I'm envious of yours!! 5mo
vumblereads @jeannineth @crazeedi thank you!
@cherinium They'll be extra floofy soon especially when the 100s start to hit Las Vegas
@Coleen_Nieto so much better than B&N =p
@mdm139 yes lol
vumblereads @queenjen And now people are googling poodle ears to see what I'm talking about lol 5mo
QueenJen Shhhhh, I think I'm showing my age 🥂 5mo
vumblereads @QueenJen oh no, I'm still clueless about everyone's ages here! 😁 5mo
Coleen_Nieto @vumblereads I always feel like I hit a jackpot because the books there are so random. You find things you didn't know you wanted :) 5mo
QueenJen @vumblereads 😁📚 5mo
mdm139 @vumblereads I go there often, maybe we should have a vegas meetup 5mo
vumblereads @Coleen_Nieto definitely! Some books look like they‘ve never been read too 😂 5mo
vumblereads @mdm139 sure why not! 5mo
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