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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Players Handbook
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Players Handbook | Gary Gygax
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@DannyHattan #whatwouldyoudo
1. My parents have played my whole life and my first campaign was when I was 13 in 2nd Edition.
2. In a heartbeat. I can't play as regularly as I would like and it makes me so sad.
3. Read the manuals to understand the rules and find a good group that is willing to teach you how to properly play.
4. @MrBook @DivineDiana because I am very interested to see what you think.

bookandcat That is so cool that your family plays!!!! I wish mine did growing up lop 4mo
bookandcat *lol 4mo
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bookandcat @TsundokuAleax do you listen to The Adventure Zone or watch Critical Role at all? 4mo
TsundokuAleax @bookandcat I wish I did. I barely have time to listen to the two podcasts that I currently am into. I cannot imagine trying to jump into those right now. Maybe someday. Also, I am dying to play in 5th edition because everyone says it is brilliant after that one we don't talk about. 4mo
bookandcat @TsundokuAleax ooh what podcasts are you listening to? And 5e is a decent edition from what I can see! 4mo
MrBook 1. Nope, I never have. 2. I think so. 🤔😁 3. Complicated games make me go 🤯. 😆 I would have to ease into it. Thank you for the tag!!! ☺️🤗🤗🤗 4mo
DivineDiana 1. Unfortunately, I have not. 😞 2. Absolutely, have always been intrigued. 3. Be patient with yourself. Thank you for tagging me! 😀 (edited) 4mo
TsundokuAleax @MrBook Man, I hope you have some game shops that run campaigns so you can drop in and watch. They can be so much fun. But also I get the stress. We have had some complicated ones over the years. We actually have a game on hiatus because we almost broke the world but instead may have broke the game.😬😁 4mo
TsundokuAleax @DivineDiana thanks for replying. I am always interested to see what people think of D&D 4mo
TsundokuAleax @bookandcat Currently Pod Save America (a political one that I am super behind on) and Read Me Romance (a weekly romance where you get a full audio novella each week). 4mo
MrBook 😱😱😱 4mo
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