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English History Made Brief, Irreverent and Pleasurable
English History Made Brief, Irreverent and Pleasurable | Lacey Baldwin Smith
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Brief? Yes only about 9hrs long. Pleasurable? I guess so, the narrator's voice was pleasant, soothing without being dull. Irreverent? Not so much. If you're putting the word irreverent in your title, I'm expecting some humor, especially of the snarky variety. There was very little humor here, the history of England told in a straight forward, text-book manner. 3 💥💥💥 out of 5

catebutler Shoot! From the title, I would have expected some snarky humour as well! 😕 8mo
RamsFan1963 @CarolynM No I haven't read it, but I'm definitely going to stack it, sounds like a very funny book. 8mo
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audraelizabeth Btw i left my notebook and tape dispenser on the furniture pad. If you could put them in the breakroom that would be great if you dont get to it no biggie. 8mo
RamsFan1963 @audraelizabeth Sorry I didn't see your message until I got home from work. 8mo
audraelizabeth No biggie. 8mo
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Woo hoo!!! Planning another birthday trip to London. Please Littens send me recommendations for book stores, and off the beaten path artisan shops and must see moments.

catebutler How exciting! I can‘t wait to see pictures and hear all about your trip! 9mo
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A quick overview of a lot of English history, focusing on royalty. Most historically figures seemed very human. I was a little puzzled by the representation of Queen Elizabeth. I‘m not a historian, so grain of salt here, but if a bunch of sexist men write horrible things about a woman in power, like that she throws “tantrums” I wouldn‘t assume it‘s true. Especially when many of her male relatives were...tantrum prone.