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Donald Trump: Plague Doctor
Donald Trump: Plague Doctor | Caspar Vega
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A nightmarish pulsating space adventure. A man wakes up on the couch. His couch? Is it the morning or the middle of the night? Was he drinking again? Has his wife left for work yet? Why can't he move? Why doesn't he know how he got there? And most importantly... How did he lose his memory? Someone has the answers. Donald Trump: Plague Doctor is a feverish Rubik's Cube of pulp goodness that will wake you up from cryogenic sleep, put you into a spaceship, and leave you wondering what planet you were just on. Tremendous.
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“I remember forcefully explaining to a friend of mine how I hate cars with shifter gears. How I don't understand why anyone would choose the extra work when they don't need to. It's like buying shoes with laces. If I can get nice shoes without laces, why would I make life even harder for myself? Just another thing to deal with.”

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CafeMom My husband is one of those people. He converted his Toyota MR2 from automatic to manual, on purpose! 2mo
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