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Glory and its Litany of Horrors
Glory and its Litany of Horrors | Fernanda Torres
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From celebrated Brazilian actress and bestselling author of The End Fernanda Torres comes a hilarious send-up of the art and artifice of acting, in which a star of stage and screens disastrous turn as King Lear sends him into a tragicomic tailspin. As an actor, Mario Cardoso has everything going for him: acclaim, an elevated lifestyle, artistic achievement. His apex will be staging a production of Shakespeares masterpiece King Lear. Everything is going brilliantly until, seeing his co-star dressed as chicken with a diaper, he breaks down in hysterical laughter, and does so again in each subsequent performance. Marios troubles worsen when he receives a call reporting that his mother has been found unconscious on a beach in Rio. He abandons Lear and returns to herand enters a swirl of family drama hed determined to leave behind. His first shot at recovering his career comes in the guise of a biblical role in an evangelical TV stations production of a soap opera: Sodoma. He has a torrid affair, finds love, and lands a deal with the countrys biggest TV network for steady work in soap operas. Marios new life brings fame and money that theater could never matchbut compromises hes made in the past come snarling back to bite him, and his next stage set will be one he never anticipated. With the wicked humor and fleet-footed pace that made her novel The End a runaway bestseller in Brazil and a critical hit in the U.S., Fernanda Torress Glory and its Litany of Horrors is a wise and funny send-up of a generation that witnessed their ideas of art fall into the hands of the market, and their ideas of the future proven to be as illusory as theater.
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Another fun read with a great sense of place by Fernanda Torres. Like her first novel The End, it deals with men and ageing. Mario is an actor past his prime - his reminiscences of stage & tv shows are tragi-comic & ring true (Torres was an actor). King Lear is woven through the story. I loved his fall & redemption & eccentric family. Torres is good at creating unlikeable characters who are still sympathetic.

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As the possibility of vacation looks less and less likely, I picked out another book I‘m really excited to read. I really enjoy THE END and this cover is 🔥🔥🔥. (And if my bf asks, this wasn‘t his candy on the floor.😝)

readordierachel Just tell him it only took 5 seconds to take the photo. 7mo
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