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The Clutter Connection
The Clutter Connection: How Your Personality Type Determines Why You Organize the Way You Do | Cassandra Aarssen
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Discover your unique Organizing Personality Type and Strategies for a more productive and clutter-free life A new book by the author of Real Life Organizing and Cluttered Mess to Organized Success Workbook Fans of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy by Marie Kondo and The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin will love The Clutter Connection by organization expert Cassandra Aarssen. An organization book for diverse habits: Youre not messy, you just organize differently. The Clutter Connection examines and explains the correlation between brain types and how they directly relate to organization and clutter. Cassandra Aarssen smashes the stereotype that some people are naturally messy and offers readers insight and real-life solutions based on their unique personal organizing style. The Clutter Connection will help you get organized, be more productive and finally understand the why behind your clutter. Individualized real life organizing: Organizing isnt one size fits all. Let go of the preconceived and conventional notions of what organization looks like and finally discover what Clutterbug you are. With self-awareness comes happiness, personal growth and lasting change. The Clutter Connection examines: The four different organizing styles and how they relate to each other How motivation and happiness can be directly affected by our space The 3Ps - Productivity, procrastination and perfectionism and how they are connected to your unique organizing style How you can finally become clutter-free simply by knowing yourself better Know your habits and declutter your space
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Understanding how clutter happens, and how you need to store the things you need is not a skill that is innate to us. Cassandra, a self-described reformed slob, guides us through her 4 types of organisation and who they work best for and challenges our way of thinking about clutter and organisation for good.