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Belong: Find Your People, Create Community, and Live a More Connected Life | Radha Agrawal
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Get ready to focus on the single most important thing you can do to live a happy, healthy, and successful life: BELONG. Read this book, do what it says, and discover exactly where you fit in. John Mackey, Co-founder and CEO, Whole Foods Market If you want to belong, read this book. Deepak Chopra, MD From the moment I opened this book I was hooked. This book is caring and tender, challenging and action-driven. It is now on my recommendation list. Esther Perel, author of Mating in Captivity and The State of Affairs, host of Where Should We Begin? podcast How is it that the internet connects us to a world of people, yet so many of us feel more isolated than ever? That we have hundreds, even thousands of friends on social media, but not a single person to truly confide in? Radha Agrawal calls this community confusion, and in Belong she offers every reader a blueprint to find their people and build and nurture community, because connectednessas more and more studies showis our key to happiness, fulfillment, and success. A book thats equal parts inspiring and interactive, and packed with prompts, charts, quizzes, and full-color illustrations, Belong takes readers on a two-part journey. Part one is Going INa gentle but intentional process of self-discovery and finding out your true energy levels and VIA (values, interests, and abilities). Part two is Going OUTbuilding on all that youve learned about yourself to find those few special people who feed your soul, and discovering, or creating, the ever-widening groups that align with your aims and desires. As the Co-founder and CEO of the popular global morning dance community Daybreaker, Radha Agrawal developed an immense offline community with her team of Community Catalysts in 25 cities and on a dozen college campuses around the world by creating a physical space for people to connect, self-express, sweat, and dance. Now, Radha offers the life-changing strategies, tips, and tricks for making friends that will light your fire and give you the exhale of Ahh, Im home. Radha has written a book thats fun to read, easy to digest, and embodies deep wisdom. This isnt just a book Im endorsing. This is a book that I want to buy multiple copies of because I have so many friends and acquaintances that will benefit from it. Its the first book I couldn't wait to finish reading it so I could give my copy to one of my friends to read the same day. Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos and author of Delivering Happiness
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This book has several issues, too many acronyms and cutesy names for everything , it was confusing. Secondly I thought this book would be a kind of self help guide for social anxiety issues. Her remedy for this is exercise and getting up early, instead of you know maybe actual therapy and maybe medication. Most of this book is just her promoting Daybreakers, her morning dance/rave company 🙄. I‘d rather hurl than dance at 5am with anyone.

kaykay521 Seriously she suggests ways to up dopamine and serotonin levels....isn‘t she aware that some people‘s brains don‘t produce enough of this stuff as it is? 7mo
SleepyDragon If I woke up and exercised/danced af 5 am, I would probably also hurl. 7mo
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Suet624 Why does lying on the couch energy bring. 😀 13mo
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