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Oops! Why Did I Do That?
Oops! Why Did I Do That? | Suzanne Lyons
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This story is about spontaneous body functions like burping, blushing, and yawning.
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Oops! Why Did I Do That? | Suzanne Lyons

I forgot all about the #HocusPocus swap! @MeesesPieces I‘m packing your goodies up today and you should have them by the 13th! 🤞🏾

MeesesPieces It‘s ok! I know we all have very busy lives! 😊 I hope you received your package today. 🎁📖😊 @LazyLimaLife 13mo
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Oops! Why Did I Do That? | Suzanne Lyons

Earlier I indulged in a wanton NetGalley binge. In fact, it was basically bookish debauchery. I requested .... a lot of books (😟meep😟) And already the approvals are coming in. So my hard won and highest ever approval rating of 50% (yes, mortals, 50 whole percent! Read it & weep) is plummeting as we speak.

My name is Belinda and I am a NetGalley addict.

And I'm absolutely un-re-pent-ant! 😛😘😎🤣

IamIamIam 😂👏😂👏😂👏 1y
Tera66 I just did the same thing, now feeling overwhelmed with bookish delight. 1y
Insightsintobooks I'm an addict as well. My percentage is 90 atm. That is with about 60 books TBR though... :( 1y
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readingjedi @Insightsintobooks 90% is very impressive. I'm pretty sure I'll never get there! 1y
rubyslippersreads I‘m afraid to even look at my percentage! 😂 1y
Redwritinghood I do that too, and now the pressure is on! Why do I do that to myself? 1y
Amor4Libros I did the same thing the other day! Just can‘t stop. And I am reading from my TBR stack, AND my brother just gave me access to his Audible account! 😂😂 1y
MaGoose ? Would any of us ever think of attending a "Readers Anonymous" meeting? If there was such a thing, we'd all attend and just talk about the books we wanted to read. ? 1y
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