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Your Silence Will Not Protect You
Your Silence Will Not Protect You | Audre Lorde
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This was an incredible read. The preface by Reni Eddo-Lodge was beautiful and I‘m grateful for the opportunity to read Lorde‘s collected works. So much of her writing was educational for me and so much spoke to shared struggles (“Why keep yelling when no one is listening? Does my voice matter? How do I use my anger without it burning me alive?”). I‘m looking forward to rereading this over the years.

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So i had the craziest brain wave this morning to turn all my books around and here my shelves.
I realised I was only picking popular books and ones I just bought, which is not good when you have some that have been on the shelf for nearly 10 years.

So now I have to read random and I love it.
But first finish my library books I have 2 on the go.
What do you think? Happy reading💝📚

#books #library #blindreading

Caroline2 This makes sense but I know what I‘m like, I‘ll still end up putting books back till I find the one I want! 😆 I have zero self control or discipline!! but I totally agree, I get annoyed at myself for choosing popular/new books over books I‘ve had for years! 🙄 13mo
BookishTrish I‘m interested in how this works out for you! Keep us posted! 13mo
kaysworld1 @BookishTrish I'm interested in how its going to turn out 😂 13mo
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Smrloomis Oooh, I really like this! I might have to try it. In the meantime, keep us posted on how it works out for you. Are you going to put some back or just read whatever you choose first? Either way, it sounds good to me! 13mo
kaysworld1 @Caroline2 No I'm being stern with myself I have far too many I have 2 massive boxes in the corner so I need to read a few. 13mo
kaysworld1 @Smrloomis I have a bag at the end of the sofa when I have read a book I put it in then when it's full it goes to a charity shop. I'm going to read what ever I pick first that way I can stop favouring certain book. 13mo
Smrloomis This sounds great to me. Hope it helps to clear some space out. 13mo
ElaineHowlin Love this idea!!! I may have to give this a try 13mo
kaysworld1 @ElaineHowlin I'm only in my first couple of days and its going well x 13mo
Nute I really like this idea. So do you read whichever book you select without making an alternate choice? 13mo
kaysworld1 @Nute Hello, Yes the first one I pick up I read there's no swapping and changing. I'm being stern with myself. 13mo
Nute 👋🏽Hi. I wonder if I could be that disciplined? I‘m betting on you though...You rock!!! 13mo
kaysworld1 @Nute Thank you very much 💝 you have cheered me up now xxxxx 13mo
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Some brilliant belated birthday presents #audrelorde #oteghauwagba #feminism #intersectional

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In a society where the good is defined in terms of profit rather than in terms of human need, there must always be some group of people who, through systematised oppression, can be made to feel surplus, to occupy the space of the dehumanised inferior.

Bookwomble I haven't read this book yet, but this caught my eye as I was flipping through it (instead of tidying up my shelves as intended, which is why it takes so long!). From other bits I've scanned, I think I'm going to enjoy this once I get to it - it looks thought provoking and challenging. 1y
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