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The Magician's Secret
The Magician's Secret | Zachary Hyman
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This action-adventure picture book featuring a grandfather and grandson duo celebrates the power of imagination and the magic of make believe. Charlie loves when Grandpa comes to babysit because he always brings his magical imagination. Grandpa was a magician who knows the most amazing tricks; he can pull a rabbit from a hat and make a coin disappear. But what Charlie loves most are his wonderful adventure stories, and they all begin with something his grandfather has saved in his Magic Story Chest. An hourglass is a reminder of how he defended the treasure in King Tut's tomb from raiders. A long white scarf inspires the story about Grandpa's dogfight with the notorious Red Baron, the great First World War fighter pilot. A coconut shell heralds the story about his encounter with a nasty Tyrannosaurus Rex. Charlie's parents, though, aren't too sure they like Grandpa's stories and warn Charlie that they're just "tall tales." What is Charlie to believe? How can his grandpa convince him that all you need to do is believe and a dream can be turned into something real?
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The Magician's Secret | Zachary Hyman
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We got to pick up the first book bundle today for the library summer reading club and we are very excited. We got 6 books for our 18 month old and 6 books for our 4 year old. I'm thankful that both were able to sign up since you can only pick a picture book option or a first reader option for each bundle and I feel like a 4 year old enjoys both picture and first reader books.

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LibrarianRyan Gustavo is such a fun book! 1y
Jess861 @LibrarianRyan Good to know 😊. I'm excited to read it to both the kiddos! 1y
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The Magician's Secret | Zachary Hyman
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So excited to have won my girls a copy of Toronto Maple Leaf‘s Zachary Hyman‘s new book. Too bad My oldest is at a sleepover so we can‘t read it tonight. I‘ve read it myself and she is going to love it! 💚 #librarythingearlyreviewers

readherwriteher He wrote a book? This just made my Leafs fan heart SO HAPPY. I must get this book for my kids! Thanks for sharing. 😍📚 5y
Chellebearss @readherwriteher actually I found out this is his third book. He also has The Bambino and Me and Hockey Hero. 5y
readherwriteher @Chellebearss I had to text this to my husband. We are huge Leafs fans. I‘ll have to grab them all for my kids. 5y
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Chellebearss @readherwriteher that‘s great! One of them won an award. Hope you like them. You must be happy that they made the playoffs :-) 5y
readherwriteher @Chellebearss FINALLY. 💆🏻‍♀️ 😂😂😂😂 5y
LibrarianRyan I loved this so much. 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5y
Chellebearss @LibrarianRyan I can‘t wait to read it with my daughter :-) 5y
SqueakyChu Jessibud2 from LibraryThing just recommended this book to me tonight. She read a mutual friend‘s positive review and just wrote to me to tell me about this book! 5y
Chellebearss @SqueakyChu yes, my grandma and aunt both asked me about the author today. Apparently there was an interview with him recently aired during a game. 5y
SqueakyChu @Chellebearss The book sounds great, but it also sounds like a book that my almost five-year-old grandson will refuse to let me read to him. He‘s very picky about books now, and says no to most books. 5y
Chellebearss @SqueakyChu oh no! Does he like hockey or baseball? Zachary Hyman has a book about each of those two sports. 5y
SqueakyChu @Chellebearss No. He just started karate lessons and likes weapons (to my daughter-in-law‘s chagrin). I might just do an experiment by getting this book from the library and see if I can get him to listen to it. I‘ll look for it. The last book he liked was a book about Spiderwick. 5y
Chellebearss @SqueakyChu good luck! We‘re all about unicorns and blueberries right now so not much help :-) 5y
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The Magician's Secret | Zachary Hyman
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5⭐️ This story is simply wonderful. It‘s full of imagination and care. The illustrations are also top notch and help progress the tale. The best way to describe it is to say it's like a non-Christmas Polar Express. You just have to believe. We all have magic inside of us, you just have to believe it exists. Absolutely wonderful.

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