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The Sorrow of Angels
The Sorrow of Angels | Jn Kalman Stefnsson
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It is three weeks since the boy came to town, carrying a book of poetry to return to the old sea captain-the poetry Brour died for. Three weeks, but already Brour's ghost has faded. Snow falls so heavily that it binds heaven and earth together. As the villagers gather in the inn to drink schnapps and coffee while the boy reads to them from Hamlet, Jens the postman stumbles in half-dead, having almost frozen to his horse. On his next journey to the fjords Jens is accompanied by the boy, and both must risk their lives for each other, and for an unusual item of mail. The Sorrow of Angels is a timeless and powerful story that evokes the struggle of man against the ferocious majesty of nature. Asked by The Independent what inspired him to write these three novels, Stefnsson named his first visit to the landscape of Iceland's West Fjords. "It was like a punch in the solar plexus . . . The mountains seemed to be saying, 'Why aren't you writing about us?"
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The Sorrow of Angels | Jn Kalman Stefnsson
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“It isn‘t always easy to tolerante #poetry; it can take a person in unexpected directions. Poetry kills, it gives you wings, you flap them and feel the fetters. It leads you into another world, and then yanks you back, into a storm, into the dinginess of the commonplace.”


batsy Lovely quote and picture! 2y
BarbaraBB @batsy credits to Google: snow in Iceland, what the book is about 2y
kathedron 2y
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The Sorrow of Angels | Jn Kalman Stefnsson
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This is a story about loneliness. Jens, the mailman, fights his way walking through the desolate winter territory of Iceland. He is accompanied by ‘the boy‘. The weather is harsh, it is always snowing, storming and freezing cold. ‘The sorrow of angels‘ they call the snow flakes. The men hardly talk during their journey. They both have their own demons to fight, but in the end it is inevitable they start talking.

#ReadAroundTheWorld #Iceland

JenP It‘s interesting that so many of the books I‘ve come across from Iceland revolve around loneliness and isolation. This one sounds good 2y
BarbaraBB @JenP It is. It is the second part of a trilogy. The first installment is 2y
Tamra Stacked! 2y
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Tamra @BarbaraBB do you know the title of the 3rd? 2y
Tamra Stacked all three - thank you! Have you read the first too? 2y
BarbaraBB @Tamra Yes I read the first. Also very good. I hope you‘ll like them too! (edited) 2y
emilyhaldi Sounds right up my alley! ❄️ 2y
vivastory This sounds fantastic! 2y
BarbaraBB @vivastory It is! But you should start with 2y
vivastory Stacked! 2y
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The Sorrow of Angels | Jn Kalman Stefnsson
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Starting this one for #ReadAroundTheWorld Iceland. I am the first to post about this book. Shame on us, Stefansson is such a good writer, he deserves better!

DeborahSmall Beautiful cover too 2y
emilyhaldi Loving this cover 🖤 would buy the book based on that alone! 2y
Ole I haven‘t any of his books. This seems to be the second in a trilogy. Have you read Heaven and Hell? 2y
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BarbaraBB @Ole Yes I did. And loved it. This one is more difficult though. Maybe because i read it in English and Heaven and Hell in Dutch. @Natasha.C.Barnes is reading it now! (edited) 2y
Natasha.C.Barnes @BarbaraBB @Ole I am reading it and it is lovely so far--and I'll also be the first one to post about that! Barbara, are you Dutch? It took me a minute to decode your comment. 😆 2y
BarbaraBB @Natasha.C.Barnes Yes I am Dutch! I am happy you like the book. And i was wondering what happened to my review since you say you‘ll be the first to post. And indeed, mind is under 2y
Natasha.C.Barnes @BarbaraBB Ah, how lovely! I know it's silly to say, but I'm jealous. The grass is always greener, but I sure wish I had an actual culture, and was far away from the US right now. 😆 Anyway, reading in multiple languages is such a skill! I'm impressed. 2y
BarbaraBB @Natasha.C.Barnes Thank you for your kind words! I can imagine that you sometimes wish to be away from the US. I am watching the news here each day thinking it can‘t get any worse with DT but somehow he manages every day to do or say something even more stupid. Without him, you live in a great country of course. 😘 (edited) 2y
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