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December Park
December Park | Ronald Malfi
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In the quiet suburb of Harting Farms, the weekly crime blotter usually consists of graffiti or the occasional bout of mailbox baseball. But in the fall of 1993, children begin vanishing and one is found dead. Newspapers call him the Piper because he has come to take the children away. But there are darker names for him, too . . . Vowing to stop the Pipers reign of terror, five boys take up the search. Their teenage pledge turns into a journey of self-discovery . . . and a journey into the darkness of their own hometown. On the twilit streets of Harting Farms, everyone is a suspect. And any of the boys might be the Pipers next victim.
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December Park | Ronald Malfi
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My house is officially spooky now!

ladym30 Great photo! 2mo
annkuch13 @ladym30 Thanks! 2mo
ShyBookOwl Yay! I started pulling out my Spooktober decor today too 2mo
Hooked_on_books Ok, those spiders are creeping me out, so nice job! 2mo
annkuch13 @Hooked_on_books Yeah I almost didn't get that one, but after a few years it doesn't give me the creeps anymore. 😄 2mo
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