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The Collected Poems: The Corrected Edition
The Collected Poems: The Corrected Edition | Wallace Stevens
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On the sixtieth anniversary of the death of Wallace Stevens--a new edition of his "Collected Poems," containing scores of corrections based on original editions and manuscripts. "The Collected Poems" is the definitive collection from the man Harold Bloom has called "the best and most representative American poet." It was originally published in 1954 to honor Stevens's seventy-fifth birthday. Rushed into print for the occasion, the volume contained numerous errors, which have now been corrected in one place for the first time by Stevens scholars John N. Serio and Christopher Beyers. This is the one collection that Stevens intended to contain all the poems he wished to preserve, presented in the way he wanted. An essential volume for all readers of poetry, it is the definitive monument to his dazzling achievement.
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It is difficult to read. The page is dark. / Yet he knows what it is that he expects. // The page is blank or a frame without a glass / Or a glass that is empty when he looks.

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