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Lessons I Learned from My Mother
Lessons I Learned from My Mother: A Reflection on the Past, a Critique of the Present, and Guidance for the Future | Dr. Michael L. Sanseviro
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The journey to adulthood is filled with difficult life lessons for parents and children alike. In Lessons I Learned from My Mother, author and college administrator Dr. Michael L. Sanseviro reflects on his personal journey to adulthood and the successes and mistakes he sees in his students every day. Lessons I Learned from My Mother presents a compelling retelling of the challenges of growing up and the difficult decisions parents must make in preparing their children for adulthood. In this memoir, Sanseviro relives his true life struggles as he looks back on the critical life lessons he learned from his mother and how she approached life. Using anecdotes to illustrate his points, Sanseviro shows how his mothers teachings shaped his thinking about finances, charity, church, sharing talents, the importance of family, and much more. Sanseviro also shares what he has learned from his more than twenty years of experience working with college students and their families, and he demonstrates how parents can apply the lessons he learned from his mother to better prepare young adults for the challenges of contemporary college life.
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