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Soap Crafting
Soap Crafting: Step-by-Step Techniques for Making 31 Unique Cold-Process Soaps | Anne-Marie Faiola
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Make your own custom-tailored and perfectly formed cold-process soaps! Anne-Marie Faiola provides 31 easy-to-follow recipes for crafting a variety of bar soaps with great color, shape, and texture. Learn how to use milk jugs and yogurt containers for molds, and how coffee, avocado, and even beer can add unique dimensions to your creations. This encouraging introduction to the art of soapmaking makes it simple to master the techniques you need to safely and easily produce your own enticingly fragrant soaps.
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#TheHarshestLight-bulb should have gone up in my head when I made soap on Tuesday.

I know how to do it and still made a mistake after pouring the soap into the molds. And then I put the pre-cleaned molds into the dishwasher to give them a thorough clean. 🙈

The first mistake is no biggie, means waiting two extra weeks before the soap is ready for use. The second mistake though, I guess I can throw the molds out.

#NoFemmeber @Billypar @Cinfhen

Dolly Oh dear. One time I whipped huge amounts of air into a reconstituted batch. I ended up with many many bars of styrofoam-like purple soap 😂 4y
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julesG @Dolly that could be cool, too. I think I need to try that next. 4y
Craftylikefox Oh no! I am trying out some silicone molds for my lotion bars this year. 4y
julesG @Craftylikefox The silicone molds that I used for the lotion bars came out fine. I'll try heating the plastic molds in the oven and then twist them back into shape. I might safe them this way. 4y
Craftylikefox Ooo that‘s a good idea! I hope it works out! 🤞 4y
Billypar I never read Fight Club, but it would be nice if it included some instructions at the end for making your own soap (provided it allowed for some ingredient substitutions 😁). 4y
julesG @Billypar 😂😂😂😂 the most funny part of this, before opening Litsy I just added Fight Club to my TBR. Should you want pointers as to how to make soap, let me know. 😉 4y
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Just finished my second batch of sugar soap scrub bars. I'm looking forward to giving them out for Christmas. 🌲

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