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Alf, this place is a zoo
Alf, this place is a zoo | Robert Loren Fleming
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Alf, this place is a zoo | Robert Loren Fleming
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We've lost Michu Meszaros, the man who played Alf 😔. So many childhood memories flooding back lately.... RIP and Godspeed! I had a bunch of the comic books.

dariazeoli One of my favorite childhood toys was my talking ALF doll. Little bro have him a haircut; even 30 years later I can't forget 😂 3y
StephBengtson I loved Alf so much as a kid. I think that's where my love of aliens/sci fi/comedy started. RIP! 😿 3y
Lacythebookworm Alf❤❤❤ 3y
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Zelma One of my favorite shows as a kid. I still remember episodes, like when he gets amnesia and thinks he's an insurance salesman, or when the neighbor makes a mashed potato sculpture of him. 3y
Melwilk Wow - we loved to watch Alf when I was a teenager. 3y
AStoriedSoul This show was my favorite as a kid. This is sad news. 3y
MrBook @dariazeoli 😂👏🏻! @StephBengtson That is awesome 😁🙌🏻!! @Lacythebookworm 😊👍🏻! @Zelma I can't recall much about the show, I was a wee lad, but I have impressions of loving it 😊. @OrangeMooseReads 😔. @Melwilk An icon forever! @TheLiterarium Indeed 😔. 3y
Zelma Hey, are you calling me old? 😶😂😋 3y
MrBook @Zelma 😳😂👏🏻😜! Never! You'll always be young at heart 😉👍🏻 *big hug*. 3y
Zelma 😂😂😂 I am really an old curmudgeon in a younger body. 😜 it won't be long til I yell at kids to get off my lawn. 3y
MrBook @Zelma I already do 😂😂👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻! Go ahead, let it rip 😁! 3y
monkeygirlsmama Damn, 2016 has been unkind. 3y
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Alf, this place is a zoo | Robert Loren Fleming
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This #80stoyinbookform is Alf at the Zoo. For some reason, my friends and I loved watching Alf when we were in high school. Trying to watch it now, I can't understand how I ever watched it. I had an Alf stuffed animal and other Alf toys. We thought he was hilarious. #octphotochallenge

LibrarianRyan Love it. Never knew it was a book. Not surprised. 3y
Hoopiefoot I loved ALF! 3y
jpmcwisemorgan My uncle loved ALF! 3y
Zelma I was a huge ALF. I still remember episodes like the neighbor making a statues out of mashed potatoes a la Close Encounters. Or when he loses his memory and thinks he's Wayne Schlagle, insurance agent. Omg, I watched too much tv as a kid. 😳 3y
Melwilk @LibrarianRyan @Hoopiefoot @jpmcwisemorgan @Zelma I am happy to know there are other Alf fans out there 😂 3y
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