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Heaven's Gate
Heaven's Gate: Postmodernity and Popular Culture in a Suicide Group | George D. Chryssides
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The Heaven's Gate suicides were part of a series of major violent incidents involving New Religions in the 1990s. Despite the major attention that Heaven's Gate attracted, there have been few scholarly studies. This anthology on Heaven's Gate includes a combination of articles previously published in academic journals, some new writings from experts in the field, and some original Heavens Gate documents. All the material is expertly brought together under the editorship of George Chryssides.
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The weirdness that is the Heaven's Gate Cult I #feelitstill initially I thought today's prompt was #feellitstill 🔥 I think that's just as fitting. At the start it did sound pretty lit, we're just hanging out on Earth until our spaceship picks us up to take us into outer space, seems pretty chill until Marshall tells you to put on your Nikes, eat the laced apple sauce, and put the plastic bag over your head.. 👽 it's been fun, bitches! ✌🏻#aprella

Scurvygirl These guys were so screwy! 2y
Meredith3 @Scurvygirl they sure were!! 2y
Reviewsbylola 😂😂😂 2y
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emilyhaldi Omg 🤣😱🤣😱🤣😱🤣🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 2y
emilyhaldi Thanks for committing yourself to posts this month. You have improved so many lives on Litsy including mine ✨ 2y
Meredith3 @emilyhaldi thanks for telling me, and explaining it to me! It's been fun! 2y
Cinfhen My best part of this month was getting to meet a new Dargusch 😁Really enjoyed your posts, hashtags and other random thoughts xx Looking forward to August❣️ 2y
Mdargusch Great post! I‘m so glad you jumped into this challenge! 💕👌🏼😂 2y
Meredith3 @Cinfhen thank you!!!!!! 🙏🏻💚💙🧡💛 2y
Meredith3 @Mdargusch me too! It was fun! Thanks! 2y
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