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I read 142 wpm with #Kindle and #WordRunner. How fast can you read?

Has anyone else tried wordrunner on Kindle? I found it on accident while trying to change the color of the text. BTW is that possible and how? I want some pretty rainbow colored text 😂

TrishB Not seen this - I do notice that reading time adjusts through the first couple of chapters though. Books start by saying it will take me 8 hours and then after a couple of chapters it‘s says 2.5 when it takes your speed into account. 6mo
Crazeedi @TrishB me too 6mo
Crazeedi Didn't know about wordrunner, is it on paperwhite? 6mo
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TrishB @Crazeedi I have paperwhite too! 6mo
kricheal @Crazeedi @TrishB I only have the Kindle app on my phone so I don't know if it's exclusive to that or not. I just stumbled upon it. Imagine reading a book flashcard style... Not fun... Sure it'll make you faster but after I did one chapter I turned it off. On my phone I always have my background set to black and the text set to white. I think it's easier on the eyes with a bright screen, but it would be cool to change up the text color a bit. 6mo
kricheal Still searching for that option. 6mo
Redwritinghood Will have to try that. I think I‘m a pretty slow reader. 🐢🐢 6mo
Crazeedi @kricheal I'll check it out on my kindle app on my phone. I didn't know you could change color of text? I don't think you can on paperwhite 6mo
kricheal @Crazeedi you really can't other than black or white... But I was was trying to see if there was an option 😂 6mo
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The End of Oz | Danielle Paige
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Do any other kindle readers here use word runner? What do you think about it? #kindle #wordrunner #kindlefire

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Starting this today and giving Word Runner a go. Strange to find it‘s not available for iOS though. Anyone know why? #WordRunner

Tanisha_A Superb! This is my next book too. 😁 2y
Ms_T @Tanisha_A 😃🙌🏻 2y
nickimags What's Wordrunner? 2y
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Ms_T @nickimags It‘s a Kindle function where instead of you reading pages, the words of your book flash up individually in the centre of your screen. This keeps your eyes focused on one spot. You can also increase the speed. 2y
Cathythoughts Wow word runner ! Interesting, let us know how you find it 👍 2y
nickimags @Ms_T That sounds innovative! I guess wouldn't work on the App! 2y
Ms_T @nickimags It does on android but not on iOS. 2y
Ms_T @Cathythoughts I like it! It‘s a different way of reading but very customisable. 2y
nickimags @Ms_T Thanks I have a look at my android app! 2y
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