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Cockroaches | Jo Nesbo
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batsy Oh lord 😭😭 #myworstfear 5mo
DrawingSustenance Ignorance is bliss. 5mo
Ddzmini 🤢🤮 hate roaches but I have a way of getting rid of all of them even the hidden ones 💀☠️☠️☠️ 5mo
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gradcat @batsy Sorry!! ♥️ (edited) 5mo
gradcat @Ddzmini Ummm...should I ask? 😱 5mo
gradcat @JulietBooks Isn‘t it just...? 🙃 (edited) 5mo
Ddzmini It‘s boric acid 😝 but you have to be diligent when your doing otherwise like everything else it won‘t work (so hard work and consistency is key) 5mo
gradcat Ugh! You know, I think one of my landlords (when I lived in Nashville) said to use boric acid...but I can‘t remember if I did. Something worked though, else I wouldn‘t have been able to stand living there! 😂🙃 5mo
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No Exit: A Novel | Taylor Adams
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Currently sitting on the train bored bc i finished my book earlier and didnt bring another! #myworstfear 😢

Bookwormjillk Disaster! 12mo
valeriegeary Nooooooooooo! 😭 12mo
Briget66 Aww! You Poor thing! 😢 12mo
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mcctrish That‘s bad 😬 12mo
Jee_HookedOnBookz Shucks!!!!! 12mo
CoffeeNBooks Oh no!! That's the worst! 😭📚😭 12mo
rjsthumbelina That's the EXACT reason I always bring my nook, even if I'm currently reading a print book! 12mo
Cortg Ugh 12mo
VeganCleopatra No kindle etc app? Always have a book then. 12mo
Jdav9613 I have done that so many times! 12mo
cjbooklover That‘s why I always bring an extra book! Even if I know I won‘t finish so I never end up in that scenario! 12mo
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