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Marked: A House of Night Novel | P. C. Cast, Kristin Cast
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Quick Blur moment. I'm not sure if I mentioned it before but I have tried to read Marked many years back when I ha was in high school after my friend begged me to start the series. I remember I got to this part and my reaction was the following:
"Oh its that kind of book. Hehehhe... nope. Nope nope. Not at this moment. Not taday~"

And here we are again. Blow-job scene.
#marked #houseofnight #ch7

BookHoarder32 Yeah, I read the first and I think second book after I read through Twilight and Vampire Academy and thought what is this?!?! This is young adult? 😵 2y
Daughter_of_Opulence @BookHoarder32 I had read Vampire Academy before this book and loved the series. I don't remember anything similar to this scene. 😂 It has been years tho so I don't remember much if VA. I've never read Twilight. I'm adding it to my TBR this year (mostly because of my friends). A few people have told me that Blowjobs will appear a lot. Teenagers and Hormones ? 😂 2y
BookHoarder32 @Daughter_of_Opulence nothing close to what goes on in Marked, and the HON series was in Twilight or VA. (I too loved the VA series) some characters had sex but it was handled better - not so explicit? 🤔 2y
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BookHoarder32 Have you read the spinoff VA Bloodlines series? I have them all, but haven't gotten back around to them. 2y
Daughter_of_Opulence @BookHoarder32 Ahhh and so my journey begins into the House of Night. I've only seen the Twilight movies so I know that it's in the last book where they have sex but it's good to know for the future that it's handled better. I'm going to reread VA this year. 2y
Daughter_of_Opulence @BookHoarder32 I have not but I do have the first book. I've been putting it off since I learned of it because I know it's focus is on different characters and I fell in love with Dimitri and Rose. After I finish VA I'll start with Bloodlines. 2y
BookHoarder32 Awesome! Yes! Dimitri 4-ever LOL ❤️ 2y
Daughter_of_Opulence @BookHoarder32 Forever and always 😍 2y
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