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My Owlcrate came!! (actually came a few days ago- forgot to post)
This was my first Owlcrate and I'm very happy with it!
Favorite item (other than this beautiful book 🤩) is the adorable Chainsaw necklace!
#owlcrate #calldownthehawk

P.s just noticed I didn't put the candle in the picture oops

sharread Awesome! 👏👍 1w
Sweetkokoro Was this October‘s box or is it November‘s box? I keep wanting to get Owlcrate but I hate not knowing what‘s in them before hand haha. But this is a box I would have loved to have gotten. 1w
glitterkitty459 @Sweetkokoro this one was one of the exclusive edition boxes, so not part of a subscription just a one time purchase. Hope this helps! 😊 1w
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Wow! Owlcrate does an amazing job with there book boxes.
#owlcrate #calldownthehawk #ilovebooks

TheAromaofBooks I splurged and got this one, and I think the Owlcrate edition is sooo gorgeous! I really wish you could get just the Owlcrate edition books without all the goodies, though, since I don't always use the extras. 1w
sharread Sometimes they put just the book with the author's letter but no guarantee. I know this book is utterly beautiful the artwork on the inside cover is stunning. Maggie is so talented. 1w
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This is my final #OwlCrate — I just no longer have the funds to support my habit 😅, but I think it‘ll be a damn good one.

*My next two posts contain unboxing photos so only click on the spoilers cover if you want to see what‘s inside!*

So excited to start Maggie‘s new trilogy!


Eggbeater I just got mine today! 1w
hermyknee @Eggbeater ahhh that‘s awesome!! What do you think?! 1w
Eggbeater @hermyknee I just got the book this afternoon. I'm only a few chapters in, but so far I really like it. 1w
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